Sunday, August 23, 2009

Booty Camp Fitness Day 5 + 6 + 7 + 8

I finished my 4 weeks of Booty Camp Fitness and here are the long awaited results:

I did not lose weight but... I can definitely see that my body is visibly more 'toned' - I can see my ab muscles a bit now and my legs seem a little slimmer... I couldn't believe it!

I lost an official 4.5 inches!!! Wow! That's more than an inch per week - that's pretty good isn't it? I lost those inches in my chest, hips, bum and thighs mostly... My clothes are getting a little bit lose actually...

During the last 4 sessions of the camp we did some circuits, with a good mix of cardio, legs/arm strength training and abs. Every session Leigha increased the difficulty by having us do more challenging exerices but also by increasing the amount of time that we would do intense work between the small breaks... basically making our bodies stronger every time, improving our performance every time...

I really appreciated how she showed us to do so many effective moves that require no equipment - lots of ab exercises that I had not seen/done before. I really loved the ab work that she made us do, it was very thorough in the sense that it made us work every single ab muscle in every angle - you were working hard, but you were changing positions enough that you could keep going and push it... It really opened my eyes to that kind of exercise and how important having a strong core is and how it doesn't have to be just 'crunches'...

I liked all the leg exercises that we did too. I find that my legs felt so good the next day, gave me that 'spring' in my step!! :)

And I also got to try new arm exercises - my arms are soooo weak... I remember when we lived in MTL and S and I would walk to the grocery store and bring back bags and bags of stuff... he would carry 10 while I would carry 2 light ones, and I would still manage to have to take a break halfway and put them down... lol Starting from that point, with little to no strength in my arms, it is pretty much impossible for me to do push ups... At the Booty Camp, I learned 'moves' that are easy enough for me to do, and challenging enough to get results, and improve my arms' strength which I had pretty much given up on...

So overall, I really enjoyed the experience of the 4 weeks Booty Camp Fitness. Leigha our instructor was really fun and absolutely into feedback from the class, she was keeping things varied so it was never boring, and whenever someone had a request she would adapt the session to include it... She was very friendly and encouraging but she still kept things challenging - I am pretty competitive and I wouldn't have liked it if it wouldn't have been tough, you know? LOL

You can look them up at - they have 95 locations in Canada so most likely there's a location near you! They have classes starting in September so don't wait and sign up soon!! I would definitely recommend it!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Sweet Potato Weekend!

This weekend, S and I somehow ended up having the same craving for sweet potatoes - first in the form of these Sweet Potato chips from 'Food Should Taste Good' - I loooove these, ingredients list I can pronounce, taste I am addicted to... a nice treat!

Then we took it to the next level and made a typical Québécois meal - a poutine. Warning! This is not a point friendly meal (well it could be if you used a looooot less cheese... but it wouldn't be very nutritious...)

All you need is some sweet potato fries

Some gravy (my gravy of choice is the St-Hubert brand, of course. It's available for sure in Ontario and in Québec, but I'm not sure about the rest of Canada... probably not available in other countries...)

and some cheese curds - or like they say in Saguenay - some fromage 'skouik skouik'

And voilà! Just like in the Belle Province! :)


Not a good way to end a very inactive weekend due to neck injury, but hey, you gotta treat yourself sometimes! :) We used to have poutine all the time when we lived in Québec, and this was our first 'at home poutine' in more than 2 years... so I think it's ok :)

We did go out to a very special event on Friday night though! We went to see Toronto FC play vs Real Madrid!! It was - interesting... Man these Real Madrid guys were so good - so fast! As a soccer player myself - I really admired their tactics and skills... and their speed!
It was so funny how some guys at work requested that I take photos for them!! LOL I am a very lucky girl! It was a very special event, we don't get soccer royalty often over here!!

Here's the final score ;)

I almost felt bad (almost...) for Christiano Ronaldo - every time he had the ball people were boo-ing him... Anyways, it certainly was a spectacular evening - a once in a lifetime opportunity! :)

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