Monday, February 16, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

I am 149.8 today! Lost 0.8 lb this week.... um.... according to BMI that means I am NOT overweight anymore!!! woah!
I'm on a roll! :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Week 5 - Weigh in

Hey I forgot to mention that I lost 1,8 lbs this week! I'm down to 150.6...
So I'll try to do the same this week...
Go Team Lean! :)

Monday Blahs - Snack Attack...

Started the day with a Luna bar - I was driving today, S was sick and stayed home, so I couldn't take a photo...

I was hungry pretty early - so I snacked on some carrots...

For Lunch I had a spinach/guacamole/turkey wrap again.

In the afternoon, my day went to hell at work, so the snacks were calling me big time! Such a frustrating day...

I had a banana

Some corn bran cereals

For dinner, since S still had a sore belly, I made myself another wrap :) With a side of snow peas...

some cranberry juice,

I needed something chocolate-y, so I had a soy/chocolate pudding!

and some cookies

and I went on to have a few more snacks - me = fail... I'll be better tomorrow!

I can't wait for the weekend! I'm a bit sick of my work...

one thing at a time Marie, one thing at a time...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Best of the Week...

First of all, I discovered 2 new goodies this week.

#1 Peak Freans' LifeStyle Cookies. They are 1 point per cookie and a nice mix of citrus, cranberry and oats. Nice and not too sweet, just a good little treat :)

#2 is Brothers-All-Natural Apple and Peach Crisps.

OMG these are a very good find - soooo good - they are basically just slices of freeze-dried apples and peaches. 1 and 1/2 apple or peach in every bag. Found them at Costco! Actually someone at work told me about them being sold at Costco :) 0 points a bag!

We had a neighborhood pot luck last weekend - we made our famous Chicken Tikka -


I continued eating plain yogurt with a spoonful of pumpkin purée and a bit of maple syrup - great snack - a new favorite!!

We ordered some sushi one evening, need I say more? hmmmmmmmm

Had a nice morning off because they were doing maintenance on my Avid. Got to read a lot which was super! Here's my book along with my morning corn bran cereals :)

I liked this photo and wanted to include it - even if it is not food related :)

And one evening I have some comfort food ''perogies'' from Cheemo. Just boiled - nothing too complicated - I love these!

That's all!!

Tomorrow is weigh in for me - I weighed in at 150.8 today... crossing my fingers :)

Have a good week!

House Work...

Today, S and I have been very productive around the house. We're trying to clean/organize things to be able to have company over in a few weeks - well, hopefully to find ''a home'' for every object, throw out or give away anything that we don't need... It'd be nice to have a house that's functional enough that we can have people over at anytime, and not have to prep for 3 weekends prior to someone visiting...
We bought our house a year and a half ago. Buying our first house in the very expensive city of Toronto meant a serious downsize from the big apartments we've lived in. We had twice the square footage in our last place... So it gets overwhelming pretty fast, there's just no place to store anything, no place to 'work' on anything... things pile up fast... We love our house, but it's a big challenge for us to make it work...
Anyways, we made progress this weekend!

Had my oatmeal in the morning - feels like the best mornings always start with oatmeal! :) This time I added a 'mushed up' banana to the mix (oats, water, brown sugar, cinnamon + banana) it was delicious!

Had spaghetti for lunch, didn't take a picture, but it was good :)

For dinner tonight I finally tried to make a turkey/spinach/guacamole wrap - and it was delicious!! Will do that again - probably for lunch this week...

I took lots of pictures this week but never got around to post them... maybe I should do a 'best of the week' post?! yes!

Also coming up a post to accompany my very first award! I am honored to have been tagged by Mel over at A Box of Chocolates for an 'Honest Scrap' award. Thank you Mel, you're always so nice! :) Reading Mel's blog always cheers me up :) I started writing it, but it's taking me a little longer than I thought to complete it... it should be ready by next weekend :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Random Thoughts and links... + Week 4 Results

First an update - Our soccer playoff went well, we ended up winning our first game, and losing the second game... Which puts us second place for the season - out of six teams - not too bad!! :)

Also, I have gained weight this week + 1.2 lbs :( That brings me to 152.4 lbs. Something clicked when I saw that number though, I don't know yet how I will 'proceed' but I am putting a stop to this crazy up and down. I know I have been lazy/eating too much. I know it's something I need to work on - my mind is just not in the right place right now and it's sabotaging all this work I put in to lose the pounds in the first place...

I have been feeling quite overwhelmed recently - what is overwhelming to me? Well a lot of things... just the amount of things that are overwhelming is overwhelming in itself!! :) But I realized that in order to fix that, I have to tackle one thing at a time...

As I cleaned out part of my inbox today I got distracted with a 'Food Network' newsletter, and decided to check it out. One thing that I would like to get better at is planning my meals. Getting organized enough to have a home made meal for several week nights... I don't know where to start at all... I am just poor at organizing, period. My house is a mess, my computer is a mess, my head is a mess :) In that newsletter, there was a little article with tips on meal planning! What a coincidence? :)

I wanted to know more, find more info so I went to good old Google and googled the subject - yeah, I hadn't thought of doing that!!!

Here's other more or less helpful links I found from:

The Simple Dollar

How do you plan your meals?

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