Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Almond Fresh - Contest Alert! :)

The good people at Earth's Own Almond Fresh (the people who make the yummy Almond milk!!) have organized a fun contest. See the details here. And the rules here.

You can win fun prizes like a pair of cruiser bikes (a 1200$ value!)

Cool Cameras, iPods or iTunes gift certificates...

every winner also gets a month's supply of Almond Fresh!! YUM!! :)


You can either simply enter the contest by registering here, or if you want to have extra fun and kit it up a notch, you can participate in their video contest for 10 extra chances to win!!

You can also find Almond Fresh on Facebook and Twitter :)
Go visit their contest website for all the details - and do it quick! The contest is open to Canadian residents (excluding Québec) and it ends on September 8th 2010.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Here we go!

my mat leave... is starting now! Too weird...

I had a great last day of work. Busy enough to keep me from remembering that it was my last day, but also quiet enough to allow for a quick lunch with a few colleagues...

I got lots of nice gifts: my assistant/'successor' got me a cute 'onesie' for the baby and also a gift certificate to go to a restaurant I love that I had talked to her about... One animator gave me some fine chocolates from SOMA, the big boss gave me an assortment of bath soaps and such from Lush, another animator gave me a twix (he didn't know that it was my last day and insisted to give me something:) and I also received a nice card signed by the entire production. I appreciated that they gave it to me in private in my office instead of in front of everybody which could've been awkward/unpleasant...

For lunch, my PM, my assistant/successor, 2 coordinators and the animation supervisor took me to one of the rare restaurants in the area for a nice meal. I had a delicious cobb salad :) Conversations were easy, phew!

I better start to plan what I am going to do for this mat leave time I have at home... I have a lot of baby prep to do, lots of house cleaning, and a bunch of products to review for the blog (will post soon!!:) It all feels a little crazy right now, and a bit overwhelming - I'm not used to this kind of 'freedom'! :)

one thing at a time right? :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


1 day.

I am only working for 1 more day before the start of my maternity leave.


it's.... I'm not sure what to think of it... I don't think I fully realize it yet...

I worked pretty hard to leave an organized project for my assistant who is taking over for me as of Monday... I think it's a great opportunity for her and that she should take care of things pretty well.

Tomorrow night, I can officially stop thinking about work and start to focus on this big life event that's coming up. I had to really prepare mentally for this change - learn to 'let go' - this project will go on without me and it's not my responsibility anymore to make sure that everything goes smoothly for everyone. What a change... I hope I'll manage :)

I'm almost at 37 week (saturday...) I'm doing pretty well considering I'm a giant :)

It's pretty crazy -  the baby will be full term on Saturday, it could come out right then! I just hope that it will wait until at least September first because I would prefer it if my own midwifes would attend (they are on holiday right now...) That's all I hope for, after September first, you can come out anytime baby:)

wow - I'm not going to work for 7 months. 7 MONTHS!!! so weird...

Monday, August 2, 2010

33 weeks and 2 days

what a weekend...

At about 2h30am on Saturday morning, I woke up with sudden pain on the nose. I collected myself and after a few seconds I knew exactly what had happened: I have 3 cats and they often sleep just in front of me at night, or between me and the edge of the bed. They probably stretched or something which likely made them lose balance and fall off the edge. As they fell they grabbed on to whatever was there to try and stay on, that included my nose... Unfortunately I have no idea which of my 3 cats it was, it could really be any of them... I now have a very pretty scratch from the side to the tip of my nose... sexy... pffff! lol

Saturday morning, we had an appointment at 3dbaby.ca. We kept it a secret just for fun... A co-worker had recommended it. It's basically a 'non-diagnostic' or 'non-medical' ultrasound that is intended only to give you a keepsake of the baby in you belly, in 3d. They take photos and videos and you get to keep all of it:)

I was slightly scared to go at first - for safety first (I read a bunch of articles about it and that reassured me) but mostly I thought - what if the baby looks funny, or has an arm growing on its forehead or something? It would be a pretty scary way to find that out! LOL I guess it wouldn't be better to find that out at birth right? But also, I had 2 'medical' ultrasounds in the past and they would have picked that up... I guess it was a pretty silly fear :)

It was SO worth it!! To see the baby's face made it feel even more 'real'. To see it move and see that it looks comfortable and alive and all... it was fascinating:)

Here are 3 pictures that they took:

I don't know if you can tell, but in the second picture, the baby's eyes are open! So cool! And slightly creepy - in a good way, hee hee :)

After the ultrasound S and I had a permanent grin on our faces, we were walking on a cloud all weekend :)

And on Sunday we had our last hypnobirthing class. We talked a lot about the birth itself this time and that was great - I think we are well prepared now - we can do this! :)

We also went grocery shopping and I prepped some lunches for the week - it was really a good start to the week!

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