Monday, August 30, 2010

Here we go!

my mat leave... is starting now! Too weird...

I had a great last day of work. Busy enough to keep me from remembering that it was my last day, but also quiet enough to allow for a quick lunch with a few colleagues...

I got lots of nice gifts: my assistant/'successor' got me a cute 'onesie' for the baby and also a gift certificate to go to a restaurant I love that I had talked to her about... One animator gave me some fine chocolates from SOMA, the big boss gave me an assortment of bath soaps and such from Lush, another animator gave me a twix (he didn't know that it was my last day and insisted to give me something:) and I also received a nice card signed by the entire production. I appreciated that they gave it to me in private in my office instead of in front of everybody which could've been awkward/unpleasant...

For lunch, my PM, my assistant/successor, 2 coordinators and the animation supervisor took me to one of the rare restaurants in the area for a nice meal. I had a delicious cobb salad :) Conversations were easy, phew!

I better start to plan what I am going to do for this mat leave time I have at home... I have a lot of baby prep to do, lots of house cleaning, and a bunch of products to review for the blog (will post soon!!:) It all feels a little crazy right now, and a bit overwhelming - I'm not used to this kind of 'freedom'! :)

one thing at a time right? :)

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