Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feeling a bit better....

I got home yesterday and fiancé's plan was to have me eat some chicken soup, then get into my pjs and nap until our TV appointment with Heroes...

That. was. so. goooooood.

We had a long nap then watched a bit of tv and then went to sleep again for a nice long comfy night. This morning I still feel like I have a cold, but I don't feel 'tired' at all... I'm ready to fight that virus!!! Argh!!!

I've officially signed up for Soccer again - playing in a Coed team, at the BMO field (official Toronto FC playing field...) In the winter, they put a 'bubble' on top of the field, and they have recreational leagues who play all winter... I believe it's the same this year - we play on Wednesday nights starting November 12th and the games start between 9 and 11pm, which makes for very interesting Thursday mornings... ouch... but boy is it fun to play on that field!! I just love it! And it's an easy 6 points of activity per game...

The team has asked my fiancé to coach this season, as he won't be able to play again until May 2009. He goes for knee surgery this Friday - broke a ligament on the inside of the knee... I know that this will be tough for him, to come to the games and just watch... he misses playing so much... poor thing...

Anyways... I lost where I was going with this... hmmm... nope can't remember! oh well... I'll blog again when I remember!

Happy Tuesday! :)

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Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

Yay for joining a soccer team! I miss that sooo much. I tore my ACL in my knee once upon a time in a soccer game and it took 7 years to get it properly diagnosed and repaired. Now it's better than ever.

I'm just poking my head in to ask you to evaluate your progress so far in our challenge. You're down 3.8 lbs so far. That is progress. Is it the kind of progress you are proud of, or were you hoping to have more at this point?


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