Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Weigh In Result for BLBE!!

-0.0 lb.
Yeah, that's right - no gain, no loss for this last weigh in - kind of anti-climactic, hee hee :)

I made it to #2 chart topper last week, with a 1.4 lb loss - woo hoo!! that's cool!! I've had good and bad weeks during this challenge, but I'm glad I entered, it gave me the extra push I needed - always thinking I didn't want to give up, I didn't want to let you guys down... It was a team effort and even though I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to write and read and comment, whenever I did have moment you guys were always there to inspire, encourage and read...

I didn't make it to my goal of 135lbs, boy was that un-realistic :) In the end I lost 6.20 lbs, or 3.94%. I'm down to 151 from 157.4. Not too bad... Still in the right direction... I'm working at getting my motivation back and this progression towards my goal does help for sure - I can be successful, even when life is stressful and work is taking every minute of my day... I need to remember that... The recipe is quite simple - track, eat well, exercise... Sometime all you need is to push yourself a little, to 'just do it', to quote Nike :)

I'm driving to see my family in Montréal for christmas tomorrow, hopefully I can continue to choose what I eat wisely while I am there... we'll see! I'll probably blog again when we get back, most likely with some 2009 goals - can you believe it's 2009??!!!!

It was great participating in this project with you all - we have a great little blogging community out there, Thank you for you support!! And a big congratulations to you too - you've done fabulously!! And finally, Thank you so much to Angie for organizing this, putting up our numbers every week, encouraging us... Angie YOU ROCK!!!

Happy Holidays!! :)

will Update later with an ''after'' picture ;)

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