Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Weigh In Result for BLBE!!

-0.0 lb.
Yeah, that's right - no gain, no loss for this last weigh in - kind of anti-climactic, hee hee :)

I made it to #2 chart topper last week, with a 1.4 lb loss - woo hoo!! that's cool!! I've had good and bad weeks during this challenge, but I'm glad I entered, it gave me the extra push I needed - always thinking I didn't want to give up, I didn't want to let you guys down... It was a team effort and even though I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to write and read and comment, whenever I did have moment you guys were always there to inspire, encourage and read...

I didn't make it to my goal of 135lbs, boy was that un-realistic :) In the end I lost 6.20 lbs, or 3.94%. I'm down to 151 from 157.4. Not too bad... Still in the right direction... I'm working at getting my motivation back and this progression towards my goal does help for sure - I can be successful, even when life is stressful and work is taking every minute of my day... I need to remember that... The recipe is quite simple - track, eat well, exercise... Sometime all you need is to push yourself a little, to 'just do it', to quote Nike :)

I'm driving to see my family in Montréal for christmas tomorrow, hopefully I can continue to choose what I eat wisely while I am there... we'll see! I'll probably blog again when we get back, most likely with some 2009 goals - can you believe it's 2009??!!!!

It was great participating in this project with you all - we have a great little blogging community out there, Thank you for you support!! And a big congratulations to you too - you've done fabulously!! And finally, Thank you so much to Angie for organizing this, putting up our numbers every week, encouraging us... Angie YOU ROCK!!!

Happy Holidays!! :)

will Update later with an ''after'' picture ;)


Sara said...

Congrats! I think 6.4 lb loss for the challenge is great!!

Have a great xmas!!

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

I'm very impressed with your weight loss. You go girl!! Good luck with the holidays. Merry Christmas and enjoy the time with your family.

Anonymous said...

Good job. I think sticking with the challenge is a huge accomplishment. I bet you'll do better with BLBE2 because you know you can do it and now it will just be a matter of pushing harder :) Good Luck!

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