Thursday, July 23, 2009

Booty Camp Fitness Day 2 + 3 + 4

I am still working out with the Booty Camp Fitness peoples on Tuesdays and Thursdays, my instructor Leigha is kicking butts!!

Here's a quick recap of the last Day 2 + 3 + 4 sessions!

Day 2
I was still sore from the previous Tuesday. ouch. But I was there to give it my all and push it! We did some hopping from and to a squat position - OMG my legs were hurting so much :) then we did some circuits, half the group would do abs while the other was going through the circuit, then we would switch and repeat... I was confused at first, I thought we were doing this once and that was it - so I pushed it 110%. But then I realized we were going to do this 3 or 4 more times - phew! Let's just say I slept like a baby that night! LOL That was a great workout!

Day 3
That Tuesday, we were split into 6 groups and did 6 groups of 'circuits' then we repeated. It was a little easier for me than the previous week, but still enjoyable!

Day 4
Leigha, our instructor, changed the music as per someone's request - that was a nice touch, even though I didn't mind the music so much. She is really good at changing things up and motivating you, she really listens to the feedback she gets from the 'recruits' and makes sure she asks for feedback when people are too quiet (which I tend to be hee hee) That's nice. When she asked us about the kind of exercise we do and if we preferred one type over the others, we all said we preferred just mixing things up... And she has not repeated a single exercise even once! I certainly appreciate the variety... it's never boring! :)
That day we did some hops over each other - some people fell, it was not pretty, lol... but very nice and very challenging. Then we did some 2 by 2 exercises, and did some arms exercise - I was just about to make that request if we were not going to work out the arms on day 4 (my arms are soooo weak :) but I didn't even have to! I was feeling muscles I didn't know I had for the following few days lol

I have no complaints so far - Leigha is great at keeping us interested and listening to people's feedback. I sometimes have a hard time getting the instructions quick enough (you know, with my being a frenchy and all) but as soon as we start I just look at what other people are doing for confirmation and all is good - I honestly prefer it if we keep going - I would hate it myself if we spent a long time just getting instructions on how to do things, and less time working out... During the poses she keeps giving instructions on proper form, to help people adjust and know what to focus on...

It's good and bad that there won't be any camps this august, I would have liked to keep going, but at the same time, I want to go back to training for my running. And I do like the flexibility of exercising at home whenever works for me (even though it's more challenging to get the motivation to work out at home)... Going out and having a commitment to exercising at the Booty Camp ensures that I do it... no excuses! I don't go through my usual big ''pre-work out negotiation'' between my brain and my body:)

I signed up for it, I gotta do it... end of story. And it's fun, so I look forward to it too!

Registration is open for September Booty Camps - go sign up quick before they all fill up! There are locations all over Canada, so don't hesitate! It's super fun and it brings great results!! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Desi Chef - New frozen meals...

Yesterday I had the chance to try a new line of frozen meals - Desi Chef. (Available at some Sobey's grocery stores in the GTA)

S and I were so excited to try their butter chicken and get to review it - we couldn't wait- we loooove indian food :)

The chicken was nice and tender, good sized pieces (it was not 'plastic-y' or 'chewy' like what you find in typical frozen meals) it looked, tasted and felt closer to real chicken you would cook at home. It was dead easy to prepare too - 11 minutes in the microwave, stirring once after 7 minutes.

The sauce was nice and thick, the taste was heavenly. The right combination of spices... very yummy! It was a good amount of food - good portion size...

Had it with some quick basmati rice from Uncle Ben's.

I would definitely recommend it and will definitely buy it again (and again, and again... :)

Here's the nutritional info:

It's 2 points per serving (there's 3.5 servings per container - I had a full container which adds up to 8,5 points.) It's a bit on the high side of the amount of points I like to have for a meal - but it was well worth it - and, I mean: we're talking about butter chicken here, that's as points friendly as butter chicken will get without losing yummy-ness!! :)

I hope they become available in more stores and in more cities soon! Looking forward to see what other meals they offer...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My first 5k = My second 5k!!!!


A real one... not like at the Pride Run where I got confused on the course and only ended up running 3,5 km... I ran a full 5 k race!!! I am so proud of myself!! I don't know the official result yet (the timing chip people have not posted it yet...) But I think it's somewhere around 33m, which is so much better than I ever imagined I could do!!!

UPDATE! Here's the official info: 33:57 minutes :)

361/444 overall 5k runners
189/253 overall women
45/56 in my category
pace: 7:31


I was so not prepared though - I put together my shorts, shirt (the one I got from the Pride Run :) my bra and my iPod in a bag before I went to bed. Set my alarm to wake up at 6h30am which would give me about 30 minutes to prep before I had to leave... I heard the alarm, but I didn't get up right away... I didn't wake up until 7h03!!!


Where are my shoes, what am I going to have for breakfast, we don't have time to go park at S's work and walk to the event anymore, so where do I leave all my stuff?! ..... I did get ready clikety quick, grabbed a few granola bars to eat in the car on the way, then S dropped me off to get my race kit and he met me later at the start line, where he offered to hold on to my 'stuff' (I had the race kit and my wallet, etc.) PHEW! :)

I was still pumped and excited to get a chance to finish 'a real 5k' this time, and I was happy to get started... S thought of bringing his camera - I had forgotten mine - he's so smart :)

That's me smiling at S just after the start ;)

And there I am on my way, headed to Lakeshore... (I'm on the far right, with the white letters on my bum :)

And that's me after the finish line - sticking out my tongue :)

Wait a minute, I didn't stop my iPod!

Anyways, I think I did pretty good considering I have not been running in over a week (I did exercise though - 2 days of soccer tournament, then one night of soccer, then 2 nights of Booty Camp Fitness!) So I'm quite happy...

I know a few of the Toronto blog ladies were doing the same race (which is also a 10-miler) I hope they did well and had fun on the course! Can't wait to read the updates over at Mouse's :)

I have lots of post subjects lined up next - I'm behind on blogging because of all the exercise I am doing nowadays - not a bad thing ;) Some of the stuff I want to write about soon:

Booty Camp Fitness
Angela's On the Glo Bars (Oh She Glows)
I was tagged by Julie for a Q&A
Desi Chef Frozen meals
Wedding stuff (I have a dress!!!:)

ok that's about it for now - I hope you all have a wonderfull Sunday :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Amazing Giveaway on Oh She Glows!

Angela over at Oh She Glows is giving away some amazing grass products - man I want to try these after seeing them all over the blogosphere!!
You can still enter here !
Good Luck :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Booty Camp Day 1

Ayoye! (this is a Québécois ''expression'' used when 'ouch' doesn't quite cut it... :)

Ok. First of all, I have to mention that I spend my Sunday evening (8-11pm) playing soccer (1 hour non stop, 1 hour break, 1 other hour non-stop) and I was feeling it big time on Monday morning, and feeling it even more today... Then, I attended my first day of

AYOYE!!! :)

It was awesome! Nice park by the water with a nice breeze... The instructor, Leigha, was great with lots of energy, she was fun :)

We started with a quick fitness assessment and weigh in - apparently I have tiny arms :) (well not sure if it's a good or bad thing? :) It was the end of the day, with all my clothes on and my shoes... I weighed in at 154.5 - not too bad I think! I also got a DVD with at home workout sessions and a booklet, which I will explore more tomorrow... Lots of english reading for the frenchie ;)

We did series of jog/strength training/abs exercises, lots of variety, which I liked... I did ok on my running around, but I need to work on the strength some more - oh la la, my legs are shake-y :) And I pretty much have zero arm strength... ha ha ha But that's why I'm there isn't it? :)

I liked that you don't have to think of anything you just let go and follow your leader... I like not having to count and time everything... It was like a class really, but outdoors.

The only negative I would say was that I definitely didn't pick the right spot to place my yoga mat, I seemed to be on an angle and had a bit of trouble keeping proper form... I'll pick my spot better next time :)

One of the ladies who was starting her second half of the 8 weeks program said that she had already lost a total of 10 inches -wow! I think that what's great about this is I'm committed to it, all I have to do is go to the 'appointments' and do the exercise, push it, and come back home - It would be pretty difficult for me to screw this up, hee hee I think if I just stick to it, I can get similar results! And it's fun, so what else could I ask for? :)

I came back home and had a wrap with eggs, spinach and tomatoes with a lil cheese. Yummy. I had my last WW cookie from the box I bought as a treat, and that's it! It reminded me of something that Roni often says on her blog that stuck in my head recently: one good decision leads to another, so start your day right... something like that - go read her post, she writes it much better than I do :) Anyways, when I had my dinner tonight, after a nice workout, I felt I didn't need to snack as much, that's why I'm thinking of that right now...

It's been a pretty tough day at work today, and I am very upset about it... I think I need to do some serious thinking, but I just feel like distracting myself away from the problem... ugh...

but I don't want to bore you with any more work talk... I'm exhausted and don't have access to my own computer right now, so I'm going to skip the food photos for today... Glad you enjoy my 'one photo per meal' idea Fatinah :) I'll continue doing that... it's just so much faster for me too anyway...

ok, am I getting rambly or what? hee hee I'm out... good night!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Glo Bakery...

I forgot to mention, I am super excited to have ordered some of Angela's famous Glo Bars today. I just can't wait to try them out!!!!!!! :)

Exercise Schedule...

Ok, I have tried all night to find a way to upload pictures to blogger without it taking too long and I failed. Now I am frustrated and out of time :( Enough to make me consider switching to wordpress... but I digress... actually, I think I just thought of another way... wait a minute while I try it...


Got it! It's way past my bed time now - so I didn't get to do much with the layout - and the image quality is not great... but here is what I ate today:

For Breakfast:


And dinner...

I have my first Booty Camp Fitness session tomorrow night -Yay! I will talk about it when I get home... I can't wait!

I just realized today that I have a pretty decent exercise plan for July:

Monday Nights : Soccer
Tuesday Nights: Booty Camp
Wednesday : Running
Thursday Nights: Booty Camp
Friday: Running
Saturday or Sunday: Extra Booty Camp at home day...


Ok, I would have worked on this post more, but I'm out of time...

Do you have any tips/advice for uploading pictures on Blogger?

Have a super duper Tuesday! :)

Amy's 15 Week Chalenge - Weeks 1 + 2

Starting Weight 150.2 lbs

Week 2 - I gained 0.2lbs (151.2)
Week 1 - I gained 0.8lbs (151.0)

Oh wait - I am supposed to lose weight?!! Aaaaaaaaah! well that makes more sense... Now this week I'll do that...


I think I've snapped myself out of it - will be more serious this week...

Friday, July 3, 2009


A loooooooooooong time ago, the lovely Mel from A Box of Chocolates gave me an award/tagged me. I was very excited and looking forward to participate - so I started my list, but didn't finish it: I couldn't find 10 things to list... So an incomplete list has been sitting in my 'drafts' folder ever since (Feb 1st!!!) Well I finally finished it today and here it goes:

  1. I am crazy in love with New York City. (Which is partially why S and I are getting married there this Fall...) My life long dream is to live there some day... Anyone want to offer me a job in NYC? ;)
  2. I hate onions. Can't eat them, and honestly, I don't understand how people like them - they have a weird texture and they make you stink... why eat them? :)
  3. I love chocolate, and I like nuts. But I can't eat them together, just don't like it - it's like my brain can't compute the mix of these 2 flavors...
  4. I never wear make-up - I have no idea what products are out there and what they are meant for... really... lol
  5. At work, a lot of people have said that I come across as a very organized person - but I am the absolute opposite. Well maybe that's not fair - I am extremely messy but I can find my way in my mess - well, most of the time...
  6. I pretty much taught myself English by listening to other people talk and watching movies so it often happens that I will ''pick up'' someone's accent when I speak to them, which is sometimes a bit awkward :)
  7. I am an extremely shy person (seriously, it's a real problem...) One example of how shy I am is how I am uncomfortable with eating in front of somebody - I always avoid eating out with people but if I have to go, I'll pick something simple that I can eat neatly with a fork and a knife and I will cover my mouth a lot... or else I will just not finish it... Last time I was offered a job I was invited to lunch by my potential employers and without thinking I ordered a club sandwich - and it was a huge sandwich - why oh why did I do that ?!! It was already stressful enough to be there to talk about my next contract! I was so uncomfortable - I think I swallowed a lot of bites without chewing them :)
  8. I am 'absent-minded' (I just learned that word playing Sims 3 and find it is so accurate to decribe me :) I get distracted very easily...
  9. When eating a meal, I will wait until I'm done with all the food before drinking anything. Always been like that - as a kid my mom used to push me to drink during the meal, but I couldn't, and for some reason that used to drive her nuts lol
  10. I am addicted to MLS (the real estate web site :) I love seeing the inside of people's houses... I really just enjoy all things houses/renos in general...

That's it!

Thank you so much for the award Mel - and thank you for your patience :)

I have been tagged by Julie to do another fun question-and-answer-style list - Thank you for tagging me Julie and don't worry, I'm working on it!

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