Monday, July 6, 2009

Exercise Schedule...

Ok, I have tried all night to find a way to upload pictures to blogger without it taking too long and I failed. Now I am frustrated and out of time :( Enough to make me consider switching to wordpress... but I digress... actually, I think I just thought of another way... wait a minute while I try it...


Got it! It's way past my bed time now - so I didn't get to do much with the layout - and the image quality is not great... but here is what I ate today:

For Breakfast:


And dinner...

I have my first Booty Camp Fitness session tomorrow night -Yay! I will talk about it when I get home... I can't wait!

I just realized today that I have a pretty decent exercise plan for July:

Monday Nights : Soccer
Tuesday Nights: Booty Camp
Wednesday : Running
Thursday Nights: Booty Camp
Friday: Running
Saturday or Sunday: Extra Booty Camp at home day...


Ok, I would have worked on this post more, but I'm out of time...

Do you have any tips/advice for uploading pictures on Blogger?

Have a super duper Tuesday! :)

1 comment:

Fatinah said...

God bless you for posting your pictures in a clump like that - I'm one of the people that tries not to look at food pictures cause it gives me the munchies, and the way you posted made it very easy to look but not focus too much! Yay!!!

Sadly, I have no tricks to pass on. Sigh. Sorry.

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