Monday, October 6, 2014


Or lack thereof.

My current contract finishes two Fridays from now. I need to find some work and I am very worried that I won't find much and will end up with a big gap in our finances. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant, so anything long term would be awesome, that way I could return after mat leave, but no one wants to hire someone for a long term position when they know that the person will be away for a year, starting in 4-5 months.

Looking for short term stuff is also a possibility, but there isn't much available at the moment. And finding something that will match 4-5 months in duration and that would start two Mondays from now, also a challenge.

I need to continue on to work before the baby comes because A I can't afford not to work until then, B my EI runs out soon and I don't know how things will work for me starting a new EI claim months before having to file a mat leave claim (honestly it is extremely unlikely that I could be awarded both.)

I can't believe I'm stuck in this situation again, but this time halfway into a pregnancy that so far is somewhat painful and uncomfortable.

I need to find work that is not too physical for that reason, too. Which narrows down what I can do. I am specialized in what I do, but then once no work is available at a certain time, I am pretty much useless in any other category of work (to potential employers that is - however I am convinced if the right company could see my potential I could do a lot for them, if only they would try me even if I have no related experience...or if I appear too experienced in another field...)

Man this is a tough time... :(

I have to keep positive though, lift up my sleeves and apply everywhere!

Wish me luck! :)

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