Friday, November 5, 2010

Rediscover Your Dreams - WonderBra Women of Wonder

This is my 3rd mission. This week was a little different, people were asked to suggest a mission for me on the 'wall' of the WonderBra's facebook page. Ultimately I selected a day at the spa because let's face it - I needed it :)

I looked for a spa and came across Sunny Mummy, a spa with child care services. I knew right away that this was the right place to go! :)

I had a facial, a manicure and a pedicure. I had never been to a spa before, so everything was new to me.

When I arrived at the very cute location on Queen Street West, across from the beautiful Trinity Bellwood Park (home of the famous white squirrel:) I met with Nilla who took me through the process of the facial and explained the Aveda line of products that are used at Sunny Mummy - flower and plant based, all natural. I had no idea that a 'facial' could include shoulders, neck, arms and scalp massage, but I welcomed the idea - with all the breastfeeding I've been doing, my shoulders and neck have taken a beating! She had me select my preferred oil scent from three oils - is it a common thing or does this happen at every facial? Regardless, I enjoyed choosing for myself :)

She also did some accu-pressure - woah! She pretty much just gently placed her fingers on different spots on my forehead and cheeks and it felt like I would instantly relax, like deep 'repairing' was happening! Very surprising! I didn't film much of the facial because it was dark and, well, I was busy relaxing :)

Then I moved on to the manicure and pedicure with Lindsay. I got treated to a foot and hands massage there too - nice! My feet and hands have not been treated this nicely before - it was interesting :) Lindsay had me choose a few symbols that 'talked' to me from a bunch of cards. The three that I picked corresponded to some oils, and I got to pick my favorite scent out of the three again - I don't know why but I thought that was really cool - I enjoyed picking the oil! Once I picked it - she showed me what symbol it corresponded to, and let me read about it - Grounded. It was entertaining:)

I also got to pick a nail polish color and I happily selected a deep blue, which, I know is not a popular or common nail polish color, but it is my favorite color, and it was MY day at the spa right? :)


I was sent to a comfy chair to 'dry' and something unexpected happened - the next lady who was getting a manicure and I chatted. If you don't know me let me say this: I am terribly shy and I am not a very sociable person (in person anyway) I am basically avoiding people most of the time and am the last person you will see chatting with a stranger :) But I felt like a new girl and when this lovely lady started talking about her 14 month old daughter and asking about my 5 week old son, the conversation was easy and so welcome! We got to share our stories and she told me a lot about babies and what's down the road for me and Baby L. She is a writer and was heading out to an event - I wish I would've asked her about her books... or for her name... she was nice :)

A great experience and something I think I will do again. I was so tired going in, but coming out, I felt like a million bucks. One thing that helped me relax is also the fact that S got to stay home with the baby, and I got to go out by myself for the first time. I was feeling guilty at first, to leave Baby L with my husband, but once I got over it, it was well worth it:)

Thank you to the lovely ladies at Sunny Mummy, and thank you again to WonderBra for another wonderful treat of a mission! :)

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