Friday, November 26, 2010


I came across a few pictures of myself on the blog tonight while searching for something, and it got me thinking.
Back in 2003, I went from 174lbs to 140lbs and was at my lowest adult weight ever. But back then I felt like 140lbs was 'fat', I wanted to lose more weight...
Back in 2009, just before I got pregnant, I weighed 150lbs, and at the time I felt like I looked 'fat', I wasn't comfortable with myself and I wanted to lose more weight. I would see pictures of myself from 2003 and think: 'I wish I was 140lbs again, I looked so skinny'.
Today at 190lbs post baby (yup, you read that right, I am a whopping 40lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight...) I find myself looking at pictures of me pre-pregnancy on the blog like racing pictures, wedding pictures, etc. and I'm thinking 'I wish I was 150lbs again, I looked so skinny'.
Do you see a pattern here?
yeah, I think I do to...


Anonymous said...

Yes, that is a very familiar pattern to me, too. I wish I could go back to how I looked when I turned 40, or how I looked when I got married, both times when I was dissatisfied at the time.

Don't be too hard on yourself right now. You just gave birth to a beautiful baby, and almost all new Moms gain weight with a pregnancy. Give yourself a little time to make healthy choices and get back on track, while enjoying Baby L.

cinemarie said...

That's true... I'm slowly working towards getting back into a healthy 'state of mind' now that the missions are over and I can use that time to do that... Everything is so different this time around though - takes some getting used to! :)
Let's focus on getting healthy instead of skinny I guess, right? :)

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