Friday, December 3, 2010

Rediscover Your Balance - WonderBra Women of Wonder

This week I'm skipping ahead to my Women of Wonder mission #6, but don't worry, missions #4 and 5 are in the works and coming very soon...

Rediscover Your Balance:
Relax and Restore
Take a yoga class and be inspired to incorporate balance into your everyday life,

I went to a 'Mommy and Baby' yoga class at Breathe Yoga Studio and it was WONDERFUL :)

I realized that I like exercising SOOOO much and that I miss it a lot. I need to make time for it...
Baby L had several challenges in the last few weeks that left his whole internal clock upside down for days. (Cold, growth spurts, first long trip to visit family, vaccinations, etc - OH MY! vaccinations...) He has been fussy and uncomfortable and I have pretty much had to hold him all day...
But I have hope that once he resumes having 'normal' days where things are more consistant for him, he'll be a happy baby again and nap without problem. I can't wait for the day where I know he's comfortable and having a nap for X amount of time and I can commit to doing something for myself for that time... At the top of my priority list: exercising again. Training to run again... litle by little...

Here's the video:

Thank you so much to WonderBra for this week's mission!!!!

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