Friday, December 17, 2010

Rediscover Your Community - WonderBra Women of Wonder

This is mission #5 for the Women of Wonder Campaign by WonderBra.

Your Roots
Get back to your roots. Reconnect with a childhood friend from your old neighborhood.

Because I spent my childhood moving from city to city, I don't really have an 'old neighborhood' but several old neighborhoods, none of which where I feel like I belong or have 'roots'. Instead, I have stronger connections with my immediate family. Who better to reconnect with than a person from my family, especially since I live at least a 6hr drive away from any of them?

I realized recently that I have not talked about anything BUT baby L with my sister in quite some time - it has been a while since we talked about her, so it would be nice to do that for a change! My sister is my best resource for all things baby health (she works for a famous children's hospital in Montréal) and right now my life revolves around the baby so much... She has so much valuable information that she nicely shares with me - she makes my life easier - so I can't help but ask her more and more questions - and then we run out of time for regular chit chat... I'm sorry sister! ;)

I discovered Skype with mission #4 and realized that I could easily 'reconnect' with her that way. She liked the idea and installed the program on her computer... and we were ready for the mission! :)

I love my sister - it's so nice to talk to her, she is such a no-nonsense person. I love that, even if sometimes we don't talk for months at a time, it's never awkward between us and it's always comfortable (well, unless there are cameras filming the conversation;) - it's like we can't fool each other because we know and 'get' each other so well. It's priceless for me to have someone like that in my life.

Here's the video - now I have to warn you, some of it is in french. I will spend a bit of time to try and figure out how to add translation 'annotations' on Youtube, but it could take me a while... I couldn't finish that because the campaign is coming to an end and I am running out of time... Good news is, if you come back and watch it again after a few days, there will be more 'subtitles' for you to read :)

***UPDATE! Click on ''CC'' below the video to see the translation! I made subtitles woo hoo!! :)
*****You have to go to the Youtube page in order to see it... (click on the video once to play it, and once more to go to the Youtube page...) - phew! :)

a HUGE thank you to WonderBra!!! :)

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