Friday, November 26, 2010


I came across a few pictures of myself on the blog tonight while searching for something, and it got me thinking.
Back in 2003, I went from 174lbs to 140lbs and was at my lowest adult weight ever. But back then I felt like 140lbs was 'fat', I wanted to lose more weight...
Back in 2009, just before I got pregnant, I weighed 150lbs, and at the time I felt like I looked 'fat', I wasn't comfortable with myself and I wanted to lose more weight. I would see pictures of myself from 2003 and think: 'I wish I was 140lbs again, I looked so skinny'.
Today at 190lbs post baby (yup, you read that right, I am a whopping 40lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight...) I find myself looking at pictures of me pre-pregnancy on the blog like racing pictures, wedding pictures, etc. and I'm thinking 'I wish I was 150lbs again, I looked so skinny'.
Do you see a pattern here?
yeah, I think I do to...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Engines are warming back up...

I'm quite behind on my blogging and I'm slowly getting back to it after dealing with:
  1. a difficult cold - both baby L and I got it:(
  2. a long period after the disturbance from the cold where I wasn't able to put the baby down without him being fussy pretty much ALL day... 
We've moved past that now (knock on wood!) and I have a ton of catching up to do... I'm working on figuring out his rhythm so that I can have some sort of schedule where I can find time to do some things again :) But Baby L is the priority so I have to take it slow...

here's what's coming up in the Women of Wonder project:

Mission #4: 
I got to take an acting class to prepare for an audition.
Status: Accomplished! (Working on the video and post)

Mission #5: 
Reconnecting with my 'community'.
Status: not done yet... you'd think that would be the easy one - think again :)

Mission #6: 
Go to a yoga class.  
Status: Accomplished! (Working on the video and post...)

Stay tuned! :)
While you wait, you can go check out what the other 'Women of Wonder' are up to here:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Technical difficulties...

Baby L and I have been fighting a cold since last week. Hence the lack of posts...
We are focussing on getting better this week and are not going on a mission until we are healthy again. I can barely put him down throughout the day, and at night he sleeps for very small amounts of time at a time. I am beat - and fighting my own cold on zero energy is tough! I can only do so much...
That a 6 week old baby can catch a cold is very unfair let me tell you this - it breaks my heart to see him so uncomfortable and to not be able to do much to comfort him. His little cries of frustration and discomfort are so sad :(

Anyways, on a more positive note: Stay tuned, coming up lots of fun missions!!! :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A letter to ''Exercise''

I enjoyed reading this post by Julie of ''Chez Julie'' - a cute love letter to exercise. Go check it out! :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Baby L's first Word? :)

I love the little hand gesture that goes with the word lol

Friday, November 5, 2010

Rediscover Your Dreams - WonderBra Women of Wonder

This is my 3rd mission. This week was a little different, people were asked to suggest a mission for me on the 'wall' of the WonderBra's facebook page. Ultimately I selected a day at the spa because let's face it - I needed it :)

I looked for a spa and came across Sunny Mummy, a spa with child care services. I knew right away that this was the right place to go! :)

I had a facial, a manicure and a pedicure. I had never been to a spa before, so everything was new to me.

When I arrived at the very cute location on Queen Street West, across from the beautiful Trinity Bellwood Park (home of the famous white squirrel:) I met with Nilla who took me through the process of the facial and explained the Aveda line of products that are used at Sunny Mummy - flower and plant based, all natural. I had no idea that a 'facial' could include shoulders, neck, arms and scalp massage, but I welcomed the idea - with all the breastfeeding I've been doing, my shoulders and neck have taken a beating! She had me select my preferred oil scent from three oils - is it a common thing or does this happen at every facial? Regardless, I enjoyed choosing for myself :)

She also did some accu-pressure - woah! She pretty much just gently placed her fingers on different spots on my forehead and cheeks and it felt like I would instantly relax, like deep 'repairing' was happening! Very surprising! I didn't film much of the facial because it was dark and, well, I was busy relaxing :)

Then I moved on to the manicure and pedicure with Lindsay. I got treated to a foot and hands massage there too - nice! My feet and hands have not been treated this nicely before - it was interesting :) Lindsay had me choose a few symbols that 'talked' to me from a bunch of cards. The three that I picked corresponded to some oils, and I got to pick my favorite scent out of the three again - I don't know why but I thought that was really cool - I enjoyed picking the oil! Once I picked it - she showed me what symbol it corresponded to, and let me read about it - Grounded. It was entertaining:)

I also got to pick a nail polish color and I happily selected a deep blue, which, I know is not a popular or common nail polish color, but it is my favorite color, and it was MY day at the spa right? :)


I was sent to a comfy chair to 'dry' and something unexpected happened - the next lady who was getting a manicure and I chatted. If you don't know me let me say this: I am terribly shy and I am not a very sociable person (in person anyway) I am basically avoiding people most of the time and am the last person you will see chatting with a stranger :) But I felt like a new girl and when this lovely lady started talking about her 14 month old daughter and asking about my 5 week old son, the conversation was easy and so welcome! We got to share our stories and she told me a lot about babies and what's down the road for me and Baby L. She is a writer and was heading out to an event - I wish I would've asked her about her books... or for her name... she was nice :)

A great experience and something I think I will do again. I was so tired going in, but coming out, I felt like a million bucks. One thing that helped me relax is also the fact that S got to stay home with the baby, and I got to go out by myself for the first time. I was feeling guilty at first, to leave Baby L with my husband, but once I got over it, it was well worth it:)

Thank you to the lovely ladies at Sunny Mummy, and thank you again to WonderBra for another wonderful treat of a mission! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A year ago...

S and I were married on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.
Then we got to hang out together in our favorite city for the most perfect and fun, best day of my life.
I love you baby - Happy Anniversary :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rediscover Your Beauty Photo Shoot - The Photos Are In!

As promised - here are the photos from the Rediscover Your Beauty photo shoot with Andrea Smith:

Andrea couldn't resist sending along a photo of baby L being fussy during the photo shoot - too cute and funny :)

Thank you Andrea for the lovely pictures! :)

And thank you to WonderBra for this great opportunity!!

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