Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Engines are warming back up...

I'm quite behind on my blogging and I'm slowly getting back to it after dealing with:
  1. a difficult cold - both baby L and I got it:(
  2. a long period after the disturbance from the cold where I wasn't able to put the baby down without him being fussy pretty much ALL day... 
We've moved past that now (knock on wood!) and I have a ton of catching up to do... I'm working on figuring out his rhythm so that I can have some sort of schedule where I can find time to do some things again :) But Baby L is the priority so I have to take it slow...

here's what's coming up in the Women of Wonder project:

Mission #4: 
I got to take an acting class to prepare for an audition.
Status: Accomplished! (Working on the video and post)

Mission #5: 
Reconnecting with my 'community'.
Status: not done yet... you'd think that would be the easy one - think again :)

Mission #6: 
Go to a yoga class.  
Status: Accomplished! (Working on the video and post...)

Stay tuned! :)
While you wait, you can go check out what the other 'Women of Wonder' are up to here:

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