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My name is Cinemarie. I live in Toronto, Canada. I started this blog to join the Biggest Loser - Blog Edition Challenge. I have been on WW since January 2008 and have lost 30 lbs so far. I have been blogging in french as well, and have been tempted to create an english blog for a while - this is the perfect opportunity to do that - and get motivated to be on program... Please bare with me - if my writing gets a bit 'weak' at times, it's because I'm a 'frenchy' ;)
We can do this together!

Update Sept 24th 2010 - My husband S and I welcomed our son, baby L today at 6h19pm. We are all well. I will be starting my journey back to a healthy weight soon as I have gained 65 lbs during the pregnancy - ouch! :)

Update Oct. 2010 I am participating in the ''Women of Wonder'' Campaign by Wonderbra Canada. Have a look at the facebook page here @ facebook.com/wonderbracanada and find out all about my missions and the other 4 bloggers involved! :)

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