Monday, December 6, 2010

Rediscover Your Hapiness - WonderBra Women of Wonder

This is my fourth mission for WonderBra's Women of Wonder and this week my mission was:

Rediscover Your Hapiness
Lights. Camera. Action.
Doing something you've always wanted to do can be truly rewarding. Take an acting class to prepare for a real life audition.

I contacted Lori Pearlstein for this mission. Browsing through her website, I found that she had a great variety of classes to choose from - from serious coaching for the professional actor, to acting technique programs to more recreational classes for the person who wants to learn acting for fun - which was perfect for my mission. She even teaches kids! She is also a member of the Toronto Association of Acting Studios.

Lori usually teaches in a studio, but since I had limited time to accomplish the mission and not much options to travel with the baby, she offered the option to do a class via Skype - which I thought was brilliant! I got to stay home and set up my cameras easily and in advance - it just saved me so much trouble while still being just as good and as complete as an in person class. I had not 'Skyped' before - wow - it's so convenient!!! :)

I was so intimidated by this mission - I was going to 'act' and talk one on one with an acting specialist. Even if this was just for fun, Lori is a real professional actor, a person who is essentially an expert in the field and an expert at communicating - whereas I am a terribly shy person who is so scared to talk to people that most of the time, I avoid putting myself in a situation where I have to do it! I prefer to write - I get more time to think of what I am going to say, I don't risk finding myself mid-sentence awkwardly pausing because I realize I don't know how to say this or that in english... :)

But Lori made me feel really comfortable from the beginning, as soon as I contacted her she replied and she seemed so nice and really interested in the project. She made time in her busy schedule (and that particular week was an impossibly busy week for her!) to help me out and teach me for the mission.

She basically prepared the class to fit my mission - let me know all that I would have to know if I was going to a real life audition. She taught me about the business of acting, the process of an audition, how to stand out during an audition, etc. A lot of which could apply to a regular interview. It's a good idea to prepare good answers for questions like ''tell me about yourself'' for instance, which makes a lot of sense, but I realized when she mentioned it that I just would not have an answer for that if I was asked!! So it's good to think of it and prepare that now that I'm not 'put on the spot' :)

Then we read a script together, something simple that would be used for a short commercial. We acted it out. Wheeeee that was FUN! :) She gave me cues to how to know how to interpret the lines, and we read them again to perfect them... It was just so much fun - I think I just might have to try and audition for something one day, just for fun! :)

She also gave me the opportunity to ask her any question that I had. It was great to learn more about acting, something I always wanted to try but never did. I am so thankful to have had the chance to cross that off my bucket list :)

Check out Lori's website here:

Thank you SO much to Lori and to WonderBra for another AMAZING mission :)


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Although I wanted to see you reading your script. ;-) I would love to take an acting class like that.

These little missions are fun.

cinemarie said...

Thanks Julie :)

I avoided anything that had to do with the acting because I wasn't sure if the script was 'copyrighted' in some way... just to be safe! Sorry!

These missions were really fun indeed! I feel so lucky to be doing them! :)

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