Friday, July 3, 2009


A loooooooooooong time ago, the lovely Mel from A Box of Chocolates gave me an award/tagged me. I was very excited and looking forward to participate - so I started my list, but didn't finish it: I couldn't find 10 things to list... So an incomplete list has been sitting in my 'drafts' folder ever since (Feb 1st!!!) Well I finally finished it today and here it goes:

  1. I am crazy in love with New York City. (Which is partially why S and I are getting married there this Fall...) My life long dream is to live there some day... Anyone want to offer me a job in NYC? ;)
  2. I hate onions. Can't eat them, and honestly, I don't understand how people like them - they have a weird texture and they make you stink... why eat them? :)
  3. I love chocolate, and I like nuts. But I can't eat them together, just don't like it - it's like my brain can't compute the mix of these 2 flavors...
  4. I never wear make-up - I have no idea what products are out there and what they are meant for... really... lol
  5. At work, a lot of people have said that I come across as a very organized person - but I am the absolute opposite. Well maybe that's not fair - I am extremely messy but I can find my way in my mess - well, most of the time...
  6. I pretty much taught myself English by listening to other people talk and watching movies so it often happens that I will ''pick up'' someone's accent when I speak to them, which is sometimes a bit awkward :)
  7. I am an extremely shy person (seriously, it's a real problem...) One example of how shy I am is how I am uncomfortable with eating in front of somebody - I always avoid eating out with people but if I have to go, I'll pick something simple that I can eat neatly with a fork and a knife and I will cover my mouth a lot... or else I will just not finish it... Last time I was offered a job I was invited to lunch by my potential employers and without thinking I ordered a club sandwich - and it was a huge sandwich - why oh why did I do that ?!! It was already stressful enough to be there to talk about my next contract! I was so uncomfortable - I think I swallowed a lot of bites without chewing them :)
  8. I am 'absent-minded' (I just learned that word playing Sims 3 and find it is so accurate to decribe me :) I get distracted very easily...
  9. When eating a meal, I will wait until I'm done with all the food before drinking anything. Always been like that - as a kid my mom used to push me to drink during the meal, but I couldn't, and for some reason that used to drive her nuts lol
  10. I am addicted to MLS (the real estate web site :) I love seeing the inside of people's houses... I really just enjoy all things houses/renos in general...

That's it!

Thank you so much for the award Mel - and thank you for your patience :)

I have been tagged by Julie to do another fun question-and-answer-style list - Thank you for tagging me Julie and don't worry, I'm working on it!


marie said...

I have the SAME obsession with NYC :P

Fatinah said...

I never drink until I'm done eating either!!

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

I love New York City too and didn't know you were getting married there! YEAH. When you get that job there count on having a visitor every once in awhile...ME. Great list and have a happy 4th!

Jen said...

SO Many fun things to comment on!!!

I love New York but I have never been there!!! So I don't know if I TRULY love it or not!!!

Also, to your not being able to eat in front of people...I talk with my hands...eating PLUS talking with hands is not good...and salad is the WORST thing that I eat in front of people...I am an absolute mess!

I knew another woman that never drank anything while she was eating...she was also french!! (from Gatineau)

ANNNNND I think you have amazing english!!! That is why I didn't believe you when you said you were French! And I hope you didn't listen too much when I talk...I tend to make up words!!!

(You mentioned this a while ago and I don't think I responded, the reason why I refer to my purse as a "she" is - I think - because I am used to buying Coach brand and they all have girl names...maybe??? or maybe I am just weird!!! ;p)

You are beyond gorgeous without makeup girl!!!

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