Saturday, June 27, 2009

My first 5k?!

I went to the Pride Run today! It was such a nice and sunny day, with a little breeze to keep you comfortable...

I followed everybody's advice and hydrated well (not too much) before the race :)

so here is how I did today:

It says I was 227th out of 810 people! I did the race in 23 minutes and 11 seconds, at a pace of 5:01, 39/284 in my category, 51/383 in my gender... That's impressive isn't it?

Well, don't get excited... see - here's the map of the race:

Notice how there's a giant loop there? I was supposed to go around it... twice... Yes, I screwed up and only went around it once - making this a 3.52 kilometer race, and not a 5km race!! I thought it was odd that they were making us go the one way - I thought it would be pretty simple and clear - but no, I am just that confused!! lol It was too late when I realized I went the wrong way and going back was not an option, so I kept going, sprinted to the finish line, and met with S who thought I would finish at least 15 minutes later and was slowly approaching the finish line to get a shot... I'm disappointed, to be honest, but I can say this - the positive is I think this was fantastic and I want to do it again asap!!! :) It was sooooo much fun!!!

I am definitely doing this particular run again next year - such a nice course and the crowd was so friendly... I caught a glimpse of someone very famous in the blogosphere but I was too shy to approach him :) I recognized him on the course when he passed me with his pink skirt and a camera in his hand :) He did very well WOW!! (Marie, let me know if you/he would rather I remove this photo - I will remove it no problem if you/he is uncomfortable with my posting it...)

If I look at my iPod/Nike+ stats this is how I really did (approximately) pace was 6'23'', so I would have been somewhere around the 565/810th place... not too bad! It's sad because as I was turning where I thought I had just looped around for the first time I thought - man I can do this, I can really do this! I was doing ok... Except for the drink of water I tried to have without stopping and then completely choked on LOL

ok, I think I need to say more about this, but my mom decided to 'surprise-visit' from Montreal and she's just about to show up now, and I can't review my post right now - I'll just update it later in a different color :)

oh! One thing I need to say is THANK YOU SO MUCH everybody for your nice encouragements and advice, here and on twitter... you made my day!!! I want to give you all big HUGS!! :)


marie said...

BAHAHAHHAHA - YOU are soooooooooo awesome! My old roommate got confused one year, did three laps of Queen's Park and STILL finished in a great time :P You're NOT alone!!!

And I think it's HILARIOUS that you spotted jainey. You should have gone up to him and said, "hey - don't you write on that blog..." Would have killed him. He's super lovely and awkward in person.

But CONGRATS! I'm so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

I would have done the same thing - how confusing! Great job and I am so glad you had fun!

jainey said...

i would have lost it if you had come up to me and said you knew me from mouse's blog. in a good way, of course.
hope you had fun! :)

Fatinah said...

I'm really glad that you enjoyed the experience - can't wait to hear about your next race!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, congrats on your first run! I'm sure all kinds of people made that mistake though, so don't worry. Great pics!

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

Go marie, Go marie...YOU ROCK! I'm so proud of you and your accomplishment. We are just two peas in a pod as we both got lost on our first 5K's! I was thinking, OMG that was awesome time when I saw your stats. You were seriously running. Too funny! Still even with the new calculations you would have had great timing for your first run. I did a 5K yesterday and finished it in 44 minutes which stunk. That's what I get though for not training in the least for a run.

eurydice said...

wow congrats - that's amazing! (i'm behind in blog reading). i would have done one loop too - that's confusing!

Simply Life said...

Looks like a great run! Even though it was last year...CONGRATS!!!

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