Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A difficult 25 minutes...

I did the second day of week 7 of the c25k program this morning - it was very difficult. I tried using my own music - I shuffled through my entire library, that was a big mistake. I really need to concentrate on running, on my body and performance on my breathing... not on 'I don't like this song so much, how do you skip ahead?' and 'Ok the Charlie Brown Xmas song I like so much at Xmas time is NOT a good song to run to...' LOL I also expected to run for 5 minutes on each song, but realized quickly that most songs are 3 minutes long (or at least that's how long I can tolerate them for before I need to skip...)

It probably sound pretty superficial, but it was a real problem - because I wasn't focussing on my breathing and my form, I was pretty dizzy and uncomfortable at the end...

I know about how you can create playlists, but I seem to get sick of the songs anyways...

I was thinking of maybe getting something like a 'remote' so that I can keep it in my hand and easily skip, but I don't think holding something in my hand is really an option... unless I clip it on my clothes? I don't know... hmmmm

Basically, after 15 minutes of running I decided to go back to good old Robert's mix... I don't particularly like the music in the podcasts, but at least it's not distracting!! Well, maybe except for the one song in week 7 where it sounds like someone is laughing at you... oy! lol

I am starting to wonder what I am going to do for the Pride Run... will think about it...

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marie said...

Despite it being a race, you're not RACING anyone else, per se.

Take the run as any other run you'd do.

It will be hot and muggy, maybe even raining.

Just enjoy the people, the sights, the crowd...and take your time.

5:1s, 10:1s - whatever! You WILL make it to the finish line, upright and smiling and you'll LOVE the cheers that you get!

I wish I could be there to give you a big hug at the end.

Fatinah said...

I listen to audio books when I run. I find it easier to find a rythm to the talking. Plus, I'm completely engrossed in the story - I forget to feel tired running!!

Anonymous said...

Wow... you ran for 25 minutes? Formidable!

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