Monday, February 2, 2009

Random Thoughts and links... + Week 4 Results

First an update - Our soccer playoff went well, we ended up winning our first game, and losing the second game... Which puts us second place for the season - out of six teams - not too bad!! :)

Also, I have gained weight this week + 1.2 lbs :( That brings me to 152.4 lbs. Something clicked when I saw that number though, I don't know yet how I will 'proceed' but I am putting a stop to this crazy up and down. I know I have been lazy/eating too much. I know it's something I need to work on - my mind is just not in the right place right now and it's sabotaging all this work I put in to lose the pounds in the first place...

I have been feeling quite overwhelmed recently - what is overwhelming to me? Well a lot of things... just the amount of things that are overwhelming is overwhelming in itself!! :) But I realized that in order to fix that, I have to tackle one thing at a time...

As I cleaned out part of my inbox today I got distracted with a 'Food Network' newsletter, and decided to check it out. One thing that I would like to get better at is planning my meals. Getting organized enough to have a home made meal for several week nights... I don't know where to start at all... I am just poor at organizing, period. My house is a mess, my computer is a mess, my head is a mess :) In that newsletter, there was a little article with tips on meal planning! What a coincidence? :)

I wanted to know more, find more info so I went to good old Google and googled the subject - yeah, I hadn't thought of doing that!!!

Here's other more or less helpful links I found from:

The Simple Dollar

How do you plan your meals?


Sara said...

well I'm a loser and I love anything that let's me plan!!! To plan my meals - I look at the flyers, look at what is in my freezer and fridge, ask Justin what he wants to cook and then plan!

Organizing Junkie has over 400 people link up their Menu Plans so that helps for inspiration!

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

Congrats on your soccer playoffs! Sorry to hear about the gain, but glad that you are ready to take control back and lose this week. Good luck!! As far as planning...well...I'm about as good as it as you are. I usually make a grocery list and go over the weekend and then we make the meals throughout the week. We have been eating more at home though, which is nice and better on our purse too! Have a great weekend.

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