Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Flavür - Product Review

I received an email from Lassonde a while ago - they asked me if I would like to try this new line of beverages, Flavür juices and teas, and then share my thoughts about them on the blog... Of course I was interested!

I received a box of samples this week and I started tasting them:

First of all, a few words from the Flavür people:

This original blend of full-bodied fruit juice, enhanced with subtle flower flavours, is made from 100% natural ingredients. Try out the different Flavür: stimulating Strawberry-Dragon Fruit-Ginseng, purifying Lemon-Honey-Aloe Vera, or thirst-quenching Red orange-Guava-Hibiscus.

You’ll appreciate the smooth and exotic sensation of Flavür Tea, a refreshment that’s beautiful to behold and delightful to taste. Look for it at your favourite health food or convenience store. One gulp, and you’ll be sold on the Flavür Tea!

I find the packaging quite attractive - I was already refreshed just looking at the bottles :)

Results? Juices = Yummy!

I'm not a fan of teas in general, so I asked S (my husband) to try them out for me, I'll let you know what he thought of them soon :) Here are a few words from Lassonde about the teas for now (translated by me... please forgive me if it's not 100% accurately translated...)

  • Fine iced teas made from organic ingredients
  • Made from high quality teas (black, white and green)
  • Quantity of tea polyphenols in each of the 3 Flavür teas :
      • White tea = 130 mg / 250 ml
      • Black tea = 150 mg / 250 ml
      • Green tea = 145 mg / 250 ml

I did have the juices and... I LOVED them! :) With the crazy heat waves we've had recently, this was a great way to stay hydrated! A wee tiny bit syrupy, but more like apple juice syrupy than like a juice full of sugar... The 3 flavors were all delicious and I would not hesitate to pick them over a lot of other brands when buying juice at the store!!

A plus? The ingredients list is 'readable' - nothing artificial in there! Nutritional value?  Low in calories, no fat, a little bit of sugar... SUPER! It would have been perfect should there have been a little more vitamins in there, but really, it's pretty good :)

My favorite flavour? Strawberry Dragon Fruit Ginseng. Wheeee :)

What I like above all? It's a Canadian product!! :)

If you are interested in trying them out they are available in most health food and convenience stores.

You can also find Flavür on Facebook here.

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