Sunday, April 3, 2011

Harry's Spring Run Off - 8km - 2011

So I 'ran' Harry's Spring Run Off 8km today. My first race after having baby L 6 months ago. 
S insisted I sign up, and I'm glad I did. When I got to the starting line, with all the other runners and all the excitement, I remembered how much I like races, how much I enjoy running...

I didn't exactly train for this though - the winter is not ideal for training when you have to be accompanied by a baby! I can take the cold, but not the baby... Plus you pretty much can't use a jogging stroller until the baby is 8 months old... But we have been walking quite a bit, weather permitting, and I felt confident that I could take on the challenge, I did it pregnant last year - so I could certainly do it now, 6 months postpartum, right?
For timing, the race organizers used the new Mylaps 'Bib Tag' system (Can you see the back of my bib there?) It's basically a chip that's attached to your bib and that you can keep at the end of the race... No tying it up to your shoe and having to have someone cut it off. But somehow I kind of feel like it can't be as accurate as the thing that's right on your shoe and very close to the mat? But I guess it must be if they decided to go for it!

Woah! running was tough, I ran for 5 minutes, then walked for 1. Then ran for about 12 minutes (wow!) then walked for... well, I don't remember how long, but since my heart rate stayed above '100%' for a while I decided to give it a chance to get back to a more 'normal' number before I ran again. I knew I'd be out of shape, but didn't know what to expect... So I tried to run whenever I could, and push it a bit before walking again - as in, when I felt like walking, I would tell myself to go for at least an extra minute before allowing myself to walk. Often at the end of the minute, I would feel like running for a bit longer!

The second half of the race was much harder - I ran down the hills and quickly realized that it was a bad idea, my 'pelvic bones' started feeling sore, you know the ones that took a beating when I gave birth? Ouch! But I kept going - I didn't mind running slowly or walking, all that mattered was that I get a better time than when I ran it last year (even a few seconds faster would've made me happy:)
I did it! 

Last year's chip time: 1:13:57.8
This year's chip time: 1:08:52.4

Last year's pace: 9:38
This year's pace: 9:00

Pretty good in my opinion! The good thing is, this being my first race after baby, I know I can only get better! 

But I am starting from a pretty 'weak' point. To put things in perspective, last year, I ran/walked (mostly walked) and my HRM stayed between 83% and 96%.
This year my HRM says that  my highest heart rate was 107% and my average was 97%. That can't be good?!

Here I am exhausted after the race, with my medal!! :)

I had a very special spectator waiting for me at the end - he wasn't so happy with my time ''I don't like waiting for you in the stroller mommy!''


a HUGE thank you to my love, S, who pushed me to do this and took care of a grumpy Mister L. while I was out there running and having fun:)

OH! I almost forgot - I am 85% certain that I saw Marie the Mouse on the course! I saw this pretty lady with the lovely long wavy hair, cheering on runners towards the end with a bunch of people, I think she might have recognized me too (if it was her indeed:) But, let's just put it this way, I don't have great vision, and I was exhausted - it could've been someone who just looked a lot like her :)

But regardless, seeing her there, towards the end of the course - where the huge ($@%%?$%&? STUPID @%#$%@$?$@) hill is - it gave me inspiration to push some more and run a little more. All I could manage to do was point at her and wave - I couldn't speak - ha ha!

It was so nice of her and her friends to cheer on even the last few slow runners!!
Thank you Marie and her friends (or thank you kind strangers!:)


marie said...

It was me! I was so happy that I recognized you!
I wish I had found you after to meet the lil one. He looks fabulous and so big!!

Congrats on your race!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Cinemarie! You look so cute and happy at the end of your race. And what a nice spectator to have waiting for you.

Angie All The Way said...

Wow I'm SOOOOO impressed! WTG Mommy!!!!

Restaurant Brugge said...

thanks 4 sharing

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