Friday, October 26, 2012

Tina's Plank Challenge - Week 1 complete!

About Tina's Plank Challenge: read this for details.

So on Monday I did 30 seconds of the plank. Yup I could not hold any longer! :P

Wednesday I attempted the 8 minute plank/core workout that she posted and I was successful at doing an abbreviated version as follows:

30 seconds of elbow plank
3 up/down planks
30 seconds straight arm plank
2 up/down planks (other side)
rest (oh, yeah, that was nice :)
20 plank knee crunches (for some reason that wasn't to hard for me...)
and that's it.
I didn't repeat it as she suggested, I was just spent!

And today, I beat monday's time: I did a 45 seconds plank!

The plank is about the only kind of exercise I can do right now, as I have a mysterious knee injury that has been bothering me since last wednesday. I have trouble bending it... so it's nice.

I can really feel my belly muscles, they are sore - a good kind of sore though:)

I like this challenge, short and sweet - just what this mama needs! :)

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