Tuesday, May 19, 2009

151.4 - Déjà vu... Monday recap

That's a 0.8 loss since last weigh in, but it's still pretty high compared to the progress I had made just a few shot weeks ago... I guess it's still 'progress' right? I'm focused and I'm ready for this new week. Time to make better choices starting - NOW! :)

I had some corn bran for breakfast, then for lunch I had an 'ok' meal - some President's Choice Chicken meatballs (from the Blue Menu) a litle bit of ketchup, some steamed veggies from Green Giant et some Low Calories Ocean Spray Juice...

We had a nice and relaxing day. I really needed this first 3 day weekend of the year! (Yes, it was my first one...) At the end of the day we had our first soccer game for the spring season. Went pretty well - S got to play for the very first time since his surgery - he was looking forward to it soooooo much!! :) We won 4-3. In the second half I went for a block and ended up with the ball in my face - with my hand in between, you know, knuckles and all... ouch! And it was a pretty powerful kick from a guy standing about 3 feet in front of me... I'm a bit swollen and have a few bruises this morning... I look tough LOL

After all this 'stress' I ended up eating dinner pretty quick - forgot to take a photo of it... It was a Southwest Taco salad from Wendy's (no sauce)... My HRM says I burned 358 calories - so that's not too bad...

In other news, I tried to calibrate my iPod/Nike+ - I did the 'walking' calibration by walking 400m and, it was accurate! I was very surprised... Then I tried running the same distance to see if it would give me the same result, but the session 'failed' and it wouldn't let me use it to calibrate... oh well, I have to try that again tonight...

Alright - I better get to work now - I have to leave slightly early today as I am picking up my grandmother's dining table - long story short, my 'Mamie' just moved to a retirement home and had no space for it. She lives 1000km away from here - hard to pick it up... My one aunt who works for a bus company offered to put it on a bus that was scheduled to travel to TO for a tour, which is VERY nice of her - the only catch is I have to pick up the table at a hotel downtown at 6pm. So I rented a pick up truck - I am so scared of driving it downtown by myself!! oh well, it's much better then to have to rent a pick up truck to travel 2000km and drive all weekend!! :)

Have a great day! :)

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Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

You're right that it is progress and you must give yourself some credit! Congrats on winning the first soccer game of the season, but ouch on taking the ball in the face. Good luck with the weight loss this week!! Enjoy your new table.

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