Sunday, May 24, 2009

I graduated from week 4!

I started my day with the last workout session of week 4 from the C25k program - moving on to week 5 next week - Yay!!! :)

I found it more difficult this time, I had to constantly push myself to not give up, my brain was not into it at all... Although once Robert said I had finished my last run I decided to push it even further - I played my 'power song' and kept running for an extra 2 minutes!! Yup! I really like this feature with the Nike+ - I change it after every workout session, so it's always a surprise - it works for me :)

About the stats, I'm puzzled... I know I should calibrate my running, and I plan to do it soon, but for now I'm looking at the stats from the Nike+ and from my treadmill and nothing makes sense (well, mostly the treadmill itself...)

Nike+ says I ran 5,03km, ok...

The treadmill, by default, is set to miles, but I changed it so it would display in kilometers. But I have a feeling that somewhat threw it off. The manual says that 1 lap = a quarter mile (I did 20 laps so that would mean I did 5 miles...) If I assume that the treadmill does actually convert quater miles to quarter kilometers, that would make sense and it would match the 5k from the Nike+, BUT! the distance calculator on the treadmill says 4! Um, 4 what?

If I try to figure out the math behind the speed (which is the only place where the display confirms that the machine is indeed set to kilometers) I walk at 5,5 kph and run at 8,5 kph, so in 15.5 minutes of walking and 18 minutes of running, I would have travelled about 4km. Which would match the distance data on the treadmill...

So I guess the most likely distance is indeed 4km... still not too bad!!

I wish I knew how the Nike+ calculates that distance...

anyways... here's the graph:)

I have a soccer game tomorrow, hopefully we win again! :)

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