Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The calm before the storm...

translated from my french blog

I'm at work right now and I know that my afternoon will be slightly unpleasant and busy - so I am fully enjoying the last few minutes of calm before 1pm - that's when my first screening of 2010 will start! I'm having a leisurely lunch while reading some blogs :)

I did well yesterday - points-wise I did good! I replaced my potential evening snack with a slightly bigger portion of the dinner meal, and an extra glass of juice. I didn't even feel hungry later in the evening - wasn't even tempted to eat more! I ended up using 25 points - not too bad!

I have to say that I have a new distraction/addiction at home: Little Big Planet. Man! this game is fun! - S and I play together which is a plus... I find the game so beautiful - so cute! :) OK, it's not exactly the most 'active' activity I could do, but it does help keeping me distracted from snacks...

Today I 'pre-counted' my points for breakfast and lunch, which should help a lot. I know what I will have for dinner already and, while I have not counted it yet, I know it is pretty points friendly and so long as I 'measure' my servings properly, I should be A-OK on the points side today!

I'm thinking of maybe subscribing to a 'web clinic' from the running room, the 10k clinic. I don't know if it's a good idea? I have a feeling that if I pay for it I will feel the pressure and will find the motivation to train 'for real' ;) I'll think about it more seriously and get more info and I'll let you know!


Life coach said...

Completely calm always Generates a great storm ,...
Thank you for sharing this post..

Anonymous said...

Good job on the points. It is harder than it sounds!

Fatinah said...

keep up the good work on the points.

the clinic could work.... if you want it to - haha

I personally am doing the 10k clinic but just going for the free runs on Wed & Sunday. Cheapo, I know.... but.... I figure that way I'm getting the structure and I may be able to take my running to the next level.

Remember - Do or Do Not - there is NO try!!

marie said...

I'm coaching a 10km clinic at the end of february at Commerce Court RR. If you don't want to pay for it, come for the group runs on Wed & Sun. Those are always free & you get to see MEEEEEEEEEEEE! :)

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