Monday, January 4, 2010

Again And Again...

translated from my french blog

Yup, that's right - 'twas the holiday season and I had a fun and lazy time :) Fell off track so much that I must consider this week as yet another 'new start'. But, let's not waist any time thinking about what was done wrong - let's move forward instead, yes? :)

Weigh In, Monday, January 4th, 2010: 157.8lbs

I 'pre-counted' my points for the day and I'm at 23 (I have a budget of 21 pts a day, so I borrowed 2 from my weekly pts...)

Now, let's face it. With the plans I made for dinner, hunger is definately going to come and haunt me some time in the evening and therefore more pts will potentially be consumed. Here's what I plan to do to minimize the damage:

to do - vacuum around the house
to do - exercise with the Wii or my Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred DVD

to eat - heat up some frozen veggies (0 pts)
to eat - half a 'Smart Pop' pop corn (2 pts)

to avoid - chocolate!


I have thought about it a lot over the holidays and decided that I really like running - even if, except on the soccer pitch, I have not run at all since Oct. 17th for the Zoo Run. So, to motivate myself, I registered to 2 races for 2010:

Two races that I am really excited about: S will run the 8k with me - wheeeee! - and the Ottawa race is - well, in Ottawa!!! :) Last time I went to Ottawa was in 1992 or 1993 I think? I can't even remember - so looking forward to it!

Anything interesting to do there? Will any of you be at the race? A good sushi restaurant to recommend? ;)

I think it's really going to be a great experience, and running a 10k is a goal that I am really looking forward to reach. In the meantime now I have some serious training to do! No choice! :)

In June I plan to also do the Pride Run - which will bring me 'full circle' - it was my very first time running a race ever last year, and it really was the most fun! :) And I will finally get to 'correct my route mistake' - ha ha ha - phew! :)


Fatinah said...

I sure wish I could be there to race with you in Ottawa - I just got back from there on Saturday!!

I don't eat sushi - but I never go to Ottawa without getting cheese enchiladas from Mexicali Rosa's!!

Anonymous said...

So basically, you're in the same boat as the rest of us! Thank God for January, right? Microwave popcorn has got me through many an evening.

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