Monday, June 21, 2010

27 weeks and 2 days + Weekly exercise 2/3

Whee!!!! I've successfully accomplished days 2 of my weekly exercise and I have another couple days to do my 3rd day - we can do this!

I did the Tracey Mallett: Fit For Pregnancy DVD again, but this time I did the 'cardio and weights' section for the 2nd trimester as well as the Core and the Flexibility sections. A good challenge - I definitely felt like I 'worked' at the end! :)

Food wise - after I'm done with this post I'm going to cook a Tofu and bell peppers stir-fry with brown rice (one of my favorite WW recipes - super easy to prep and healthy - I might post about it tomorrow...) I prepped all the veggies as soon as I got back from the grocery store this weekend - my fridge freezes all my veggies so preparing them and cooking them as soon as possible really helps me to avoid wasting them... It's going to provide me with lunches for the week!

We made a lot of progress with the baby room this weekend too - well I should say that S did the majority of the work. We took everything out of the room and then he sanded all the walls, fixed all the cracks, sanded the room again, and did a first big clean up. All that's left is to do a deep clean and paint the room!

Big scoop for family members who might be reading the blog: we picked our color - 'crisp green' from Benjamin Moore. It's from an old set of colors so you won't find it on their web site anymore, but it's like a very light pastel-ish green. Our furniture will most likely be 'espresso' color, and the accessories (not our final decision) will potentially be 'cream'.

In other news, I went for the glucose test this morning, to find out if I have gestational diabetes - it's a routine test since I have diabetes in my family.

The test goes like this: you go to the lab in the morning on an empty stomach. They take blood from you once, give you an extra sweet orange juice to drink in 5 minutes, then they take more blood after 1 hour, and after 2 hours.

I tend to have nausea pretty quickly in the morning if I don't eat, but I was ready for the challenge. I got up extra early to beat the usual crowd of older people who are always there first thing ;) Success! I was 8th in line which is pretty good for this location... S came with me as the midwifes suggested - I was so happy that he came!! :)

I started to drink the juice and thought - wow, this is not too bad! But after a few sips I realized that 'Orange Crush' for breakfast is and ideal (that's what it tasted like to me - orange pop) The bubbles leave an after taste that's not so good... But I drank it all and got to go back to S in the waiting room.

The first 15 minutes were great - I was on a 'sugar buzz' chatting with S, moving and laughing. Then slowly nausea came to the party and by the 30th minute, I was pretty miserable and counting down the minutes... I thought - stop looking at the clock and focus on not being sick - if I get sick I'll have to take the test all over again - and we don't want to do that!!

After the 1 hour mark, they took some blood again and the nausea slowly went away. I finished the test without problem - SUCCESS!! :) And I got to eat some Tim Hortons right after - what a treat :)

The results should be available at my next midwifes visit - on July 6th...

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Mel said...

It sounds like things are coming along. I love green in a room...that's actually the color of my bedroom. You will have to take pictures and share! I hope all is well with the glucose test, hated that part. Congrats on the exercising and choosing a healthy recipe. Happy Summer.

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