Monday, October 4, 2010

WonderBra - Women of Wonder...

Good Morning!

I have some exciting news! I was approached a few weeks ago by WonderBra Canada to participate in their 'Women of Wonder - Rediscover your wonder' campaign, where 5 women are going on a mission every week and talk about it on their blog. 

I was worried at first because of the upcoming birth of our son, but they told me it was only starting in October, and they also assured me that the missions would be fun and easy-going, and that I would most likely be able to do everything with the little man by my side. They are also covering all the expenses for the missions! It sounded so interesting and they were so nice and understanding of my situation - I had to get on board!

First things first, I received this lovely package from them:


It contained a Flip camera to document the whole thing (neat!) the info on my first week's mission, and of course a bra from WonderBra. Their new Baby Love nursing bra!! :)


Very nicely packaged box!! :)

Let's talk about the bra for a moment - because OMG is it lovely! I have started breastfeeding and let's just say that my body has been roughed up good by the task :) As soon as I slipped into the new bra I felt so much more comfortable - like all the pieces were supported again.

The fabric is so unbelievably soft yet supportive, and it's pink!! :) With some nice and pretty details...

It's nice to have the 'flap' on the front and be able to have access to the 'necessary parts' without  awkwardly exposing myself... And it's easy to open and close with one hand.


So here we go - First week's theme is:
Rediscover Your World

Week 1:
A Taste of the World
Explore another country's cuisine and
head to a cooking class with your husband.

Now I have to work at finding a class I can go to... I have a week to complete this - keep visiting for an update on the mission!

Flip in hand - here I come! :)


marie said...

I LOVE my flip cam. Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

How cool! That's actually rather pretty for a nursing bra. :-)

I like the cooking class mission. M. Hubby hates to cook; does S. like it?

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