Thursday, June 2, 2011

June, The Month of Many Goals...

So things are going ok/well with sleep training - we're progressing, but allergies and eczema are making this a bit tougher and longer than it should be... we'll figure out what makes the little man itchy and hopefully everything will progress better...
That being said, I am now able to DO things when nap time arrives - not for all naps but for some naps!! We don't have a consistent nap schedule at all yet, but at least we have naps, and at least I'm not stuck with a baby on my lap all day! :) And you know what, I feel like he must be so much more comfortable sleeping in his bed and not all crooked on the nursing pillow on mommy's lap, no?!

Lots of things on my mind these days, lots of things to do:

Next week, we have a meeting at a good day care that may have a spot open for when my maternity leave ends. We might take a 2 day spot for the month of July, just so we are in for the full time. I might not take the baby to day care on all those days, but I figure I can slowly get him and I used to the whole thing that way...

Once we have that spot secured, I need to work on several things:

-Accepting the fact that I am returning to work and that my baby will spend most of his awake time away from me :(
-Find work. There are a few things in the air, but nothing is 'for sure'. Still looking...Anyone hiring? :)
-Get L to sleep through the night.
-Get L on a consistent nap and feeding schedule.
-Organize and figure out how I can continue breastfeeding while at work/day care.
-Get a flipping hair cut (Last time was Jan 2nd 2010 - my hair is a disaster!:)
-Go to the doctor's office (also hapening next week...) to figure out what's bothering me - I am experiencing pain that makes me think I might have this problem. It feels terrible when I run! :(
-Get lunch with a former colleague - the one lunch I've been meaning to have for about 8 months!
-Host 'brunch' for a few other former colleagues with whom I 'get together' every 6 months or so...

If I get the ok that I can run through the pain from my doctor, I want to run more!

And I have to get my head around eating well and getting healthier again. Would you like some numbers? Here are some:

NOV 2009 - Happy wedding day weight: 150
DEC 2009 - Holiday weight gain and official pre-pregnancy weight: 157   (+7)
SEPT 2010 - Just before giving birth weight: 222!   (+72!)
NOV 2010 - 2 months postpartum: 190 (+40)

JUNE 2011 - Now - 8 months (and a bit...) postpartum - 165 (+15)

so yeah, at this point I have lost 57 lbs... and I am only 8 lbs away from my official pre-pregnancy weight, but let's face it, I'm 15+ pounds overweight... and my body is certainly not as, um, tight as it used to be... Like the midwives were saying, this is 'the new normal' I guess... ?!

I feel like I'm all over the place in this post. I feel like my life is all over the place - need to work on that too...

meh. *sigh*
here I come June!

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