Monday, July 26, 2010

32 weeks and 2 days...

yup yup yup... that's what they say huh? :)

um... what's new you ask? Not much... let's see...

I am enormous. Other than that, everything is more or less normal...

We're still wrapping up our work on the nursery - it's not ready for anyone to see yet, but it's coming soon. We purchased the furniture and bedding this weekend, ''check!''. I promise to post photos of the room when it's all done, no worries:)

I have officially announced my decisions regarding birth to my midwifes at my last appointment. They seemed really happy with my choices and they were really encouraging, telling me these were very good choices and that they would support me 100% - phew!

So, if everything continues to go well and there are no complications, I will give birth in the water, in the comfort of my own home, using the 'Hypnobirthing' method. S and I have already done 2 of the 5 training sessions and I am really really happy to have found a way to 'proceed' that works 100% for ME (and S). I've always been a bit 'anti-hospital' and 'anti-doctors' (I am more in favor of trusting that my body is designed to function well if I take care of it...) so I am relieved to know that I will be surounded by a competent team of people who will be there should there be a need for them, but who will also respect my choice of letting me do things my way without interventions or 'coaching'. So yeah, that's my plan.

Other than that, pregnancy-wise I feel really normal, at this point I almost feel oblivious to the fact that I am pregant, it has kind of become somewhat of a routine thing - oh right, I'm pregnant... oh well! I work and come home and repeat... I am really looking forward to my last day of work though - on August 27th. I have tons of things to do before that day comes, but it still couldn't come fast enough. It's pretty 'blah' and 'depressing' at work right now so the big change that's coming is quite welcome!


Maggie said...

Congrats for the baby and your efforts to loose weight, you have done a great job!

I'm also into the blog world, and it would be great if you can take a look at my site and leave me any comment/suggestion.

Take care and keep posting!

cinemarie said...

Thanks for your comment Maggie!

Lots of great recipes on your blog! Thanks for sharing! :)

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