Tuesday, July 13, 2010

For the person in my belly...

I got a very sweet gift in the mail late last week.  My mom sent adorable clothes and a teddy bear for the baby that's coming.

I recognized my mom's style right away when I saw the creative wrapping that she must have put together herself (am I right mom? You drew and cut out the pretty flower and put it on top of the box?)

I also recognized a family tradition: recycling old boxes to wrap up gifts, hee hee

no, it's not popcorn ;)

Look at how cute this is!!!

Thank you guys for the lovely gifts :)


Anonymous said...

Love the personal wrapping paper! And the onesies are very cute. J'aime le tigre. :-)

cinemarie said...

Merci Julie :) Moi aussi je l'aime le tigre! With the little tail on the back awwwwww!! hee hee hee

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