Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Pride Run 5km Race

It was the Pride Run 5k race this weekend, the very first race I ever ran. Marie the Mouse had convinced me to participate - I was ready for the challenge and this was the perfect race for a beginner: easy and fun, and they give you cake at the end...

I had so much fun last year that I thought - I simply must repeat it in 2010! I also really wanted to do the full race this time (I made a mistake last year, details here)

Unfortunately - life happened and I was unable to run the race this year - my solution? Have S run it! :)

So we drove all the way to downtown Toronto on this very warm summer day that was this past Saturday - man is it hot out these days, especially when you carry around your own little heater on your belly :)

S was ready for the challenge - here he is all concentrated pre-race...

The only 5k that S ran was the Zoo Run last October (here) He ran the race in 27:30 (estimated since that race wasn't 'chipped'...) and man was I impressed with how quick he was! The Pride Run is a chipped race, so for the first time, S would get an official 5k time. I couldn't wait to find out what it was!!

Another first: this time I was going to be a spectator! Once the runners were on the course, I got to see the organizers prep everything for the finishers, the photographers prepare to take shots of the elite runners, all that while taking in the ambiance and the music. Time went real fast and in about 15 minutes the first runners were coming in. It was so much fun to cheer them on - woo hoo! yeah! It's impressive to see all these runners with all the concentration and determination in their eyes. A little over 26 minutes had past when I noticed that S was right there approaching the finish line! WOW!!! It was terribly warm and he hadn't run in a while (other than on a soccer pitch...) and he was already almost done in 26+ minutes? I was so proud of him!

S's official results:
He was the 345th person to cross the finish line out of 791 participants.
Gun Time: 26:56
Chip Time: 26:04!!!!!!!!!!!
He was the 259/413 man
And in his category he was 196/318


Here he is at the finish line (he's wearing a red shirt, top left corner of the image...)

A little later, we had the pleasure to meet with Marie the Mouse when she crossed the finish line! It was mission accomplished for her as well - I believe she met the goal she had set for herself for the race. We enjoyed seeing her - it was funny how S yelled 'Mousearoo!' when he saw her - he too was excited to get to congratulate her :)

It was a nice day :)


marie said...

You guys were the cutest things! It took me a second to realize you were there!

I'm so happy that S had a GREAT race and it was SOOOO lovely to meet him! And you look AMAZING!

Rhiana said...

Hi Cinemarie! You and I are at precisely the same week/day in our pregnancies! I noticed your post on This Place is Now a Home and thought I'd take a look at my fellow Canadian's blog :) Congrats on your pregnancy and I hope you've been as lucky as I have in terms of few symptoms, being quite comfortable throughout, no morning sickness, etc.

I've got a blog too- and maybe we can keep in touch once our babies come out! My Husband is from Toronto and while we live in B.C. right now, we're hoping to move back to TO in the coming few years.

Take care!

cinemarie said...

Awwwwww thank you Marie! :) It was fun to see you there - and you look fabulous as well, you know?! ;)

Hi Rhiana! Very cool to meet someone with the same due date :) I've had a pretty uneventful pregnancy as well - except for the nausea... OMG the nausea... I'm still taking medication for it - because I'm in the lucky 20% of people who get it past the 1st trimester... oh well :) Let's keep in touch for sure! I'll pop by your blog for a visit soon :)

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