Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yesterday, my boy spontaneously chose to view an episode of the program pictured below. I was so happy to see how much enjoyment he was getting out of it, he even participated in the little 'exercises' that the characters were inviting him to do. I was so proud.

There is a lot of 'special' DVDs on our shelves that I do not push for him to watch, because I want to get his genuine interest, and 'feedback', when he chooses to see it.

I do tell him that 'maman worked on this one!' - even though I don't think it means much to him at this point.

The particular one he chose to watch yesterday I was curious to see him react to - because he should be very familiar with the voices of the characters on the show - these are the voices he has heard the most when he was in my belly - he would have heard close to 40-60+ hours a week's worth of these shows in the womb - my last show before mat. leave :)

Full circle.

I miss my old job sometimes... often times...

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