Monday, May 12, 2014


or lack thereof.

I am waiting to hear back about an opportunity I think would be really good. Something that would make me stop my 'temp-walking-outisde' job, finally. I would be happy to get it - permanent position, in an industry that is closer to what I am 'qualified' to do (what has been my career since 2000, what I have studied for...), it would be closer to home, get me to see people, get me into downtown of my new city, able to explore and learn about it at lunch time, etc. I am also a bit scared though. Beats me why... well - if I examine it more thoroughly, I think I know.

I am scared to let go.

I am scared to fail too, of course.

With my current 'temp-work' I get 'periodically laid off' which gives me built in time off - nah! I was going to say that I would miss that - but it's stupid to think that I will miss that. I will miss that, but I have no choice, I need to provide for my family! I just have to man up and realize that, and do something about it.

I hope that the work 'conditions' will work out - salary, schedule. I have no back up plan for my son after all - dropping him off to daycare or picking him up is all me right now. I could possibly arrange things with my husband to have him do one or the other, but he's the one who's commute is unpredictable, so it's more complicated. It can take him 40 minutes, it can take him 2 hours... It is not acceptable to be late for pick up by 1 hour, it is also not acceptable to be late for work in the morning by 1 hour. We don't have anybody here to help with that - I mean who does? How do parents do it these days? The job market is sometimes so unforgiving of parents...

Anyways, this is a weird nonsensical vent. I just feel lost sometimes.

Here's a rare fully in-focus shot of my son, with 'camera' eye-contact no less :)

I love him to bits.

If you are a parent in a working parents family, what is your daycare pick-up/drop off situation, what is you commute like, how do you manage?

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