Friday, April 25, 2014


I am currently losing many days of potential great accomplishments to procrastination.

I have a hoarding problem, and a procrastination problem - that does not mix well. I have a giant mess of clutter around me, all the time.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the many random tasks I want to accomplish that I just... well I just don't do anything.

I need to simplify my life big time. I have pile after pile after pile of things everywhere in the house, and it feels the same way in my head, like I have clutter in my brain. I need to bring order to it.

I remember all the articles I used to read about losing weight and many recommended to make small goals, because you are more likely to accomplish them. Well, I need to just take some time every day and just sort through my piles. That's what I think my small goal should be, go through it just a little bit, but every day.

The other thing that overwhelms me these days is food for my family. We are currently pretty tight with money, so when comes time to plan for groceries for the week, we just plan for one big quantity of one meal for the week nights and buy the minimum to make that meal, with a few snacks here and there. I need to find a way to improve that - it's not all bad, but the problem comes when we run out early, or on the weekend where we have nothing planned. But mostly, bringing a bit of variety would be good, especially for our boy who sometimes really dislikes eating the same food a few times in a row...

I subscribed to the free version of Cook Smarts and I got 3 free meal plans to choose from and test out. I like the idea that she gives you a prep day option, where you can prep all the ingredients ahead of time... It's a good idea, I need to figure out how to get everybody on board, but mostly I need to figure out if it's possible for us financially...

What do you do when you get overwhelmed? Are you a hoarder and a procrastinator? How do you 'snap out of it'? Tell me about it in a comment :)

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