Monday, April 14, 2014


Besides the general feeling of 'unwell-ness' I've mentioned in my previous post, I've recently become increasingly concerned with another aspect of my health: aging.

After having a child, I have turned the attention I used to give to my body to my child's well being. I'm sure that's something many new moms do. It might sound self centered but, I used to 'keep an eye on things' often prior to having my boy. These days, because I can spend days without looking into a mirror, I am often surprised by what I see, if that makes any sense...

I seem to have aged rather quickly recently : my hair is increasingly grey, my skin feels looser and my face, oh my face... well, it's full of freckles and very wrinkly!

At first, I thought all of this might have been related to my body bouncing back from being pregnant, but now I realize I really have been neglecting things in the following ways:

1. I've been working outside - my new job has me walk between 4-5 hours outside in all kinds of conditions - but I've only put on sunscreen at best half of the time. tsk tsk tsk.

2. This year my stress levels have peaked higher than they ever have. Not good.

3. My diet has consisted of a TON of sugar. and I've only learned recently that sugar can cause wrinkles! Oh my,  I'm in trouble!!

Here's a few links about the subject:

from Livestrong

from a blog I just discovered randomly, called ''I Quit Sugar''.

I need to commit to a better diet - and more than ever I need to find another job! I'm loving being at home these days, working on my computer, like before. I need to reduce my stress, sun exposure, and up the healthy diet. But what can I say, I also need to pay the bills...

I'm really tempted by the I Quit Sugar program, but I have no money for it now, nor will I get participation from the family on that one.

I've also been tempted by the 'Cook Smarts' program that Kath talks about...

Have you ever started a food program/diet that included a change for the whole family? How did you incorporate everybody in the change and/or did you end up having to separate meals for everybody? Tell me in a comment! :)


Kit S said...

If you're not a pure carnivor then having some vegetarian dishes some (if not most) days of the week can be a good alternative to diet programmes. I'll spare you any more pontifications on the virtues of vegetarianism though...

cinemarie said...

@Kit S
I'm actually quite fond of vegetarian meals, good idea. It's just a constant struggle to get the family on board though. But thanks for your comment as it does help me focus on incorporating that more in our meals... :)

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