Monday, March 30, 2009

Week 12 - 2.2lb loss!!!!

Yeah!! I did it!!!
What worked for me this week? Well, I got myself this great little tool that Marie the Mouse blogged about a few weeks ago... I find that I don't have as consistent an internet access as I would like these days, and that makes tracking a bit difficult. I end up trying to remember everything in my head until I get access, and obviously, most of the time I'm wrong in the number of points I was really left with...
Also, I took some time every night to plan the next day, write down what I was going to eat in my little journal ahead of time. Somehow the fact that it's already written down and planned made me want to stick to it more?!
I realized that my afternoon snacking was a bit out of control as well. It all has to do with work and how unhappy I am at my work right now - eating seemed to make it more fun (?!?) Just putting my finger on the reason why I feel like snacking so much kind of helped. I only have an apple as a snack at some point in the afternoon and really, that's all I need... I rarely feel hungry until it's time for dinner.
I am working on the 'work' situation, and trying to find a solution. Hopefully that gets resolved soon.
We also worked on the house this Saturday. A project we wanted to work on for a long time. There is an ugly parking pad on the front of the house (parking is behind the house but the previous owner didn't like to have to shovel snow all the way to the back, so she created a parking pad on the front lawn) We want to remove it and add soil and grass instead. Eventually replace the walkway and steps to the house as well to make it nice and clean and pretty :) Well, we spent our Saturday breaking and removing asphalt. Challenging but fun. That's about it for now...

my BMI is normal again :)


Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to say that we only have ONE MONTH LEFT of BLBE2 so let's all get our asses in gear! April is LAST CHANCE WORKOUT month; are ya with me?

Congrats on the great loss. Keeping track really helps. I know what you mean about wanting to treat yourself at work. I have a drawerful of flavored teas that I use as a treat, and I often have a yogurt late in the day.

eurydice said...

congratulations! that's amazing!

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

You go girl!! I'm so happy that this week put you back in the 140's and you are off and running. I would imagine that moving asphalt would help!! I've been using the 30 Day Shred and definitely feel a difference, but we shall see if the scale will show it. I would love to be in the 130's before we leave for vacation next Friday!! I just need 3 pounds off. Keep up the fabulous job and I can't wait to hear how this week goes!

cinemarie said...

Thanks for your encouraging comments ladies - wheee! :)

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