Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 8 - 9 - 10 - 11!

Oy! Have I been letting my blog go?!! I've been having a rough time recently, and to be honest, I've been pretty negative about it... I did some thinking this weekend away from the computer, and that helped a lot. I thought about weight loss but also about my budget and my work in general. As in, could we afford it if I quit my job, what other options I have work wise... S was very helpful - he always is - and that took a big weight off my shoulders (even if that means it might bring some temporary chaos in my career...) We plan to have a wedding in October, and then maybe start a family and, well, I've been forgetting about that. I need to remember to focus on the positive, I need to change my perspective... all that to say - things are looking a bit better, the work is in progress :)

On the weight loss front, I've been all over the place. I am putting it out there - I updated my side bar with the results for every single week of the challenge, ugly or not :) I have gained 0.4 pounds. I have let Team Lean and myself down. No more of that. I have a plan. I will take the time, every evening, to plan my meals and 'pre-track' my meals for the next day. Yes, only one day at a time - baby steps... I also have scheduled my week's exercise. I have working out appointments! I want to follow and complete the c25k program like Mel - she is so inpiring!!

I used to get motivation simply by updating my ticker - but I stopped doing that... I'm starting again... I want progression, I want results, I want to be healthy.

My wedding will be in October. Now that's a good thing to look forward to. I want to save enough money by then. I want to be healthy and at goal by then (Ideally much before then as I don't want to be last minute to pick a dress:). I can do it!! YEAH!

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