Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Week 13...

148.8 lbs, that's a 0.4lb loss.
I went to Niagara Falls this weekend for S's family reunion, so I couldn't count or anticipate what was going to be on the menu. I tried to chose the healthier options, and I think I did ok... I'm in that 'time of the month' right now so when dessert came out I ate a bit too much. But the fact that I had done so well all week saved me from gaining weight, which is good... This week should be a bigger loss, nothing other than routine is planned :)

I'm at 148.8, wow. I should make a 'weight history' post some time soon - when I met S I was 8 pounds lighter than I am now - only 8 pounds!!! At that point I had lost weight and was at my lightest ever 140. But I was doing it in a very unhealthy way, skipping meals and all... no wonder I gained the weight back and then some... This time, I'm healthy and I'm going to reach my goal! Yeah!

I'm still trying to figure out what to do about about my job. I just don't know... It's taking every bit of 'brain energy' I have. But this blog is probably not the place to talk about it, so I digress. Just sharing because that's why I'm pretty quiet on the blog front these days...

Hope you are all doing well!!! :)

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