Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week 14 - 149.4 - up and counting

Did ok-ish this week. Gained 0.6 lbs. Had the weirdest week...

My new assistant started on Monday - I am so happy with her, she is great, we couldn't have picked a better person to join the team! I got so much done this week! Just for the record, an assistant editor is not like a 'personal' assistant. It's a very common position in the business, you usually always hire an editor and an assistant editor, someone who's more 'junior' who will help you do more repetitive tasks and help in general. Every editor out there starts by being an assitant editor... Anyways... She is great, and I can finally go pee during the day without feeling guilty that I left my desk for 5 minutes...
I am teaching her a few things at a time, hopefully in a couple of weeks she'll know enough that I will feel ok to take some time off for my wedding in October... You don't get a lot of time off doing what I do, because you work on a season of a TV series, then look for the next series... When they hire you for 12 months they don't expect that you will take time off... The problem is, I have been non stop, project after project, sometime overlapping the start and end of a project for about 10 years now... In the last 10 years, I've had time off for a week in 2002, then one more week in 2007, then oh lucky me, another week off in 2008. I'm sick of it, but I don't think I could do any other job... even though I sometimes doubt I can successfully do this job for much longer anyways, but enough work talk for now... :)

This week was filled with physical activities:

I started doing the 30 Day Shred DVD, love it! Miss Michaels knows what she is doing! I like the way she 'rotates' through strength, cardio and abs during the workout, you don't have time to get sick of something... 20 minutes is the perfect amount of time to make me push and do it ''it's just 20 minutes, Marie, come on you can do it!!'' you know? :) And I was so sore the day after my first attempt!!! She likes to make you 'multi-task' with you muscles - you'll do lunges and bicep curls at the same time for example... because apparently the small muscle groups don't burn enough calories on their own - I think that makes sense!??! :)

I played soccer on Wednesday - it was our first game at the BMO field without the protective dome (that they put on it in the winter...) I believe it's the only field in Canada that's home to an MLS professional soccer team... It was nice to play there with a view of the stands all around you, made you feel like a professional player :) It was a nice sunny evening too!

Yup, I'm #7 ;)

If you follow me on twitter you probably already know what strange event happened on Friday - the entire office got a 'memo' on thursday afternoon that announced that we were all going to go on a field trip to the Toronto Zoo on Friday, leaving on a school bus, with a complimentary lunch... Everybody thought this had to be a joke, who would believe that kind of thing could ever happen? But it did! We started with some regular work and then, at 11h30am we went on a bus that took us to the zoo! It was funny to see the amount of people who came with cameras - I guess it's typical of people who work in our industry :) We walked around all day and saw some exotic animals... yep on a work day!! It felt like high school :) It was a perfect nice and sunny day too... My legs were sore from all the walking!!

And this weekend, we did lots of gardening - big projects we've been contemplating for so long! I got to 'check' soooo many old 'to do' lists! lol S and I are sooooooo sore today!!! My legs, feet, back, shoulders, neck, and even forearms hurt!! ha ha ha here's what we did:

The front yard had this parking pad that was useless but mostly pretty ugly:

We thought, wouldn't it be much nicer if we just removed it and had a nice leveled up front yard with some grass instead? So we took a few weekends to rip up the asphalt piece by piece, see S in action here :)

Then we ordered a giant pile of soil

and started to fill the hole up

leveled it and added seeds...

In a few weeks we should get a lovely front yard full of grass! Eventually we'll also replace the walkway and the steps to the house, but that was a good start... Many neighbors walked by and told us they were happy to see that ugly parking pad gone!! :)

Then on Sunday, we built a garden box in the back yard:

Can't wait to start planting some vegetables in there!! We really put that up in 'record' time, I was impressed :)

With the rest of the soil, we started leveling the back yard, it's very uneven right now, we also have 'clay-ish' soil so adding some proper soil on top should help get a better lawn... we got tired after all this work so we kept some soil for next weekend :)

The End :)

How did you all do this week?

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eurydice said...

there is so much going on in this post. i can't believe you went to the zoo like that ... crazy!

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