Tuesday, January 20, 2009

+1.2 lbs - One Tuesday later...

Yup, I gained weight this week... I couldn't resist going to the bakery with S on Friday... I could've resisted eating so much of it though... ugh... It was really up to me and I didn't stop myself... no wonder the scale was showing me a higher number... no excuse... but I'm putting this behind me and focusing on the 'now' - let's make better decisions, now.

So this morning I had a Luna bar in the car

An Activia Yogurt at work...

Some Kashi craquers at lunch

To accompany my Scallion-Tofu Stir-Fry leftovers. It's a WW recipe I made this weekend... This time I had it with some Wild Rice. The photo was taken this weekend, when I actually had it with some rice, but today I had it without it... Just as good...

For dinner we had some President's Choice Vegetable Samosas (forgot to take a photo...)

With some red peppers and snow peas as a snack

My cranberry juice...

A Date Square from the bakery (I only had a third of an actual serving- I had the whole thing on Friday... tsk tsk tsk)

and also some... hickory sticks :(

I don't know what's wrong with me these days but I'm going to have to start 'controlling' myself again when it comes to snacking... I don't get what happens, I just start with a snack, and then I just don't stop... Enough!!!

I know what I need to do... plan... I'm very new to planing - I need to teach myself that... Yes, I can;)


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