Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 2 - not really...

Yep, it's only day 2 of trying to wake up early, but we got up late today... So I ate a luna bar in the car either 3 or 4 points... (french - some day I'll translate it...) I prefer going for 4 points to be sure...

I was too busy at work, so I didn't have any morning snack until I noticed it was time for lunch... I had a ''Smart One'' some sort of Tex Mex Rice and Beans thing, it had a bit of cheese I think... I liked it a lot - 6 pts

Had my usual morning yogurt after lunch 2 pts

I got hungry, and I wanted to avoid the crazy headache I had yesterday, so I had a few more snacks. First, some Kashi TLC original crackers (1.5 pt)

And then a banana later at 4pm... (1.5pt) sorry for the dark picutre...

At home we had some Black Bean burritos from Amy's Kitchen (5pts)

With a cup and a half of my low calories Cranberry/Raspberry Ocean Spray juice... (1pt)

And then I gave in and accepted to share one of these chocolate-y goodies... (3.5 pts)

And finally, I had a small bowl of Smart Pop (2pts)

No exercise so far today, except for falling on the ice this evening, walking towards the car after work, grrrrr... ouch... lol Ok, maybe I'll do some Wii later :)

26.5 points for today...

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