Saturday, January 24, 2009

Too many vegetables?

For dinner, nothing spectacular - S felt like having pizza, but I felt like something ''healthier'' something that was going to make me feel ''full''... So I had a frozen dinner by Amy's Kitchen - the Palak Paneer.

along with something I had for way too long in my freezer that I felt like trying - frozen brussels sprouts from the ''Green Giant''. S wanted to be in the blog, so he pointed at them :)

I enjoyed them in one of my favorite bowls - it's grrrrreat! :)

I have to say that I was very full after eating all of that, very close to ''having too much'' to eat... but after a bit of time I was still ready for a little desert

Half a cherry/dark chocolate Kashi bar,

and a handful of small dark chocolates :)

If I end up feeling like eating some more, which is not very likely, I'll probably have some raspberries or some asparagus...

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